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VelingradVelindgrad is one of the most popular balneotourism destinations in Bulgaria, attracting tourists with its plenty of hydrothermal deposits, mild climate, beautiful parks and last but not least – the variety of accommodation types. Located about 85 kilometers away from Plovdiv, Velingrad is easily accessible by car, as well as by bus. The frequency of bus lines departing from Sofia, Plovdiv or the district centre Pazardzhik is very convenient. The visitors of the town can choose from guest houses to 5-star hotels, depending on the sleepover price and the budget they are ready to spend. Undoubtedly, the 5-star SPA Hotel Dvoretsa is the most renowned name that many tourists identify with the town. The clear air and mineral water contribute to the availability of relax and wellness centers in many of the hotels in Velingrad, which on the other hand naturally defines the class of the respective accommodation. There is a prevalence of 4- and 3-star hotels that apart from the SPA services offer conference/business and leisure conditions. Tourists that prefer luxury and others with no specific claims can find a place in the central quarter of Ludzhene, the broad centre area or the town’s surroundings. Unquestionably, the Kleptuza Park is one of the most romantic and beautiful spots in Velingrad and the hotels nearby are privileged in terms of lodging. Besides a relaxing day in the SPA center or around the swimming pool, the Velingrad tourist can take an advantage of the nature of the countryside and visit sightseeing spot like the fortress of Tzepina (18 km away from Velingrad), Lepenitsa Cave (12 km away from Velingrad) or Jundola region (14 km away from Velingrad). What appeals the holiday makers are also the countless water springs, streams and rivers in the region.


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Hotel Zdravets, Velingrad
Hotel Zdravets   Hotel 4 Stars
1, Nikolay Gyaurov Str., tel.: +359 700 900 76, Velingrad

Hotel Royal SPA Velingrad, Velingrad
Hotel Royal SPA Velingrad   Hotel 4 Starscomplex
tel.: 0700 12 266, +359 878 503168, Velingrad

Teddy Hills apartment, VelingradTeddy Hills apartment   apartments
5 ulitsa "Tsar Ivan Asen II" 1, Velingrad, 4600
Number of rooms: 2

Spa Hotel Select - Halfboard, VelingradSpa Hotel Select - Halfboard   Hotel 4 Stars
4 Edelweiss Str., Velingrad, 4600
Number of rooms: 75

Velingrad Balneohotel, VelingradVelingrad Balneohotel   Hotel 3 Stars
6 Yohan Sebastian Bah Str., Velingrad, 4600
Number of rooms: 52

Saint George Family Hotel, VelingradSaint George Family Hotel   Hotel 3 Stars
1 Bitolia Str, Velingrad, 4600
Number of rooms: 10

Terra Guest House, VelingradTerra Guest House   guest house
22 ulitsa "Aleko Konstantinov", Velingrad, 4602
Number of rooms: 5

Residence Velingrad, VelingradResidence Velingrad   guest house
area Sanatorium, next to complex Karina, Velingrad, 4600
Number of rooms: 15

Velina Spa Hotel, VelingradVelina Spa Hotel   Hotel 4 Stars
14, Doctor Doshnikov Str., Velingrad, 4600
Number of rooms: 62

Zdravets SPA Hotel, VelingradZdravets SPA Hotel   Hotel 4 Stars
Nikolay Gyaurov Square, Velingrad, 4600
Number of rooms: 86

SPA Club Bor Hotel, VelingradSPA Club Bor Hotel   Hotel 4 Stars
9 Nikolay Hrelkov Str., Velingrad, 4600
Number of rooms: 84

Guest House Elena, VelingradGuest House Elena   guest house
Бул.Съединение 198, Velingrad, 4600
Number of rooms: 4

Сладко Безделие - Градински Апартамент, VelingradСладко Безделие - Градински Апартамент   apartments
Съединение 141, Velingrad, 4149
Number of rooms: 1

Lux studio Royal Spa, VelingradLux studio Royal Spa   Hotel 4 Stars
Tzar Samuil 3 kv. Ladzhene, Velingrad, 4600
Number of rooms: 1

Апартаменти Скай, VelingradАпартаменти Скай   apartments
улица „Гоце Делчев“ 53, Velingrad, 4600
Number of rooms: 6

Nikol Deluxe, VelingradNikol Deluxe   apartments
ulitsa "Tosho Staikov"14 етаж 1,ап.5, Velingrad, 4600
Number of rooms: 2

Приятелската къща, VelingradПриятелската къща   guest house
улица Юндола, Velingrad, 4600
Number of rooms: 12

TheHouse-Apartament Kamenitza, VelingradTheHouse-Apartament Kamenitza   apartments
улица „Бор“ 1, Velingrad, 4602
Number of rooms: 2

Къща за гости СВЕСТО, VelingradКъща за гости СВЕСТО   guest house
48 улица „Алеко Константинов“, Velingrad, 4600
Number of rooms: 2

Арт Мезонет Salem, VelingradАрт Мезонет Salem   apartments
улица „Цар Самуил“ Цар Самуил Г 2, Velingrad, 4600
Number of rooms: 1

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