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TryavnaTryavna is located only 20 km east of Gabrovo and it is a municipality centre. There are still a lot of preserved historical monuments from the Bulgarian National Revival which have turned Tryavna in a preferable tourist destination throughout the year. The main means of living of the locals have always been connected to crafts and trade. Today, tourists can witness masters in a lot of crafts including wood-carving, icon-drawing and more. Tryavna is the home of the oldest Revival's artistic school. There are a lot of houses which are turned into museums. Some of them are a real architectural models. The clock tower in the centre of Tryavna is one of the most famous evidences of the past. Today, it is the symbol of the town. In 1996, a local teacher initiated the installment of the Foucault pendulum in the tower which attracts the tourists' interest. Tryavna is the birth place of two famous Bulgarians - the poet Pencho Slaveykov and the revolutioner Angel Kanchev. There is a train station in the town which connects it to cities as Sofia, Pleven, Rousse and Varna. In the suburbs of Tryavna, tourists can find a small lake which is a great place for an afternoon walk, a photo shoot or just relaxation. There are many small romantic villages around Tryavna and tourist stay in the town for days so that they have a chance to wander around. There is a variety of accommodation types in the town, which include from classic family hotels and restored old guesthouses to bigger 3-star and 4-star hotels. Some hotels offer its guests tavern or restaurant, as well as an open-door swimming pool. The smaller hotels and guesthouses are usually found in the central parts of Tryavna, while the big holiday complexes are primarily located in the town surroundings. The modern facilities are present everywhere and guests can rely on cable/satellite TV, Internet connection, comfortable beds and more. Few of the hotels in Tryavna offer SPA procedures. The local cuisine is delicious and it is highly recommended to visit a traditional tavern ("mehana" in Bulgarina). There are a lot of restaurants, souvenir shops, cafes and museums to visit and enjoy the Bulgarian hospitality.


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При Андонови, TryavnaПри Андонови   apartments
Гр.Трявна Ул." Херман Гмайнер " 4, Tryavna, 5350
Number of rooms: 1

Трите Щерки, TryavnaТрите Щерки   guest house
ул. „Ангел Кънчев” 148, Tryavna, 5350
Number of rooms: 3

Hotel Tryavna, TryavnaHotel Tryavna   Hotel 3 Stars
46 Angel Kunchev str., Tryavna, 5350
Number of rooms: 55

Дядовата къща, TryavnaДядовата къща   guest house
ул. Асеневци 108 ул. Асеневци 108, Tryavna, 5350
Number of rooms: 4

Tryavna Lake Hotel, TryavnaTryavna Lake Hotel   Hotel 2 Stars
4, Herman Gmainer Str., Tryavna, 5350
Number of rooms: 13

Хижа Планинец - Тревненски балкан, TryavnaХижа Планинец - Тревненски балкан   guest house
Стара Планина, природен парк Българка с. Радевци, Tryavna, 5362
Number of rooms: 2

Стаи за гости, TryavnaСтаи за гости   Hotel 2 Stars
73 Ангел Кънчев, Tryavna, 5350
Number of rooms: 3

ТРЯВНА Село Глутниците, Tryavna, 5350
Number of rooms: 1

къща Славяни, Tryavnaкъща Славяни   guest house
Борова 12, Tryavna, 5350
Number of rooms: 8

Bachvarovi Houses, TryavnaBachvarovi Houses   guest house
3 Chernovruh Street, Tryavna, 5350
Number of rooms: 10

Hotel Kalina Palace, TryavnaHotel Kalina Palace   Hotel 4 Stars
Panorama str. 15, Tryavna, 5350
Number of rooms: 145

Koliu Malchovata House, TryavnaKoliu Malchovata House   guest house
15 Svetushka street, Tryavna, 5350
Number of rooms: 2

Milla Guest House, TryavnaMilla Guest House   guest house
Gorni Damyanovtzi, Stanchov Han, Tryavna, 5367
Number of rooms: 5

Старата Къща, TryavnaСтарата Къща   guest house
neighbourhood Koichovtci, Tryavna, 5350
Number of rooms: 4

Apartment Lake Tryavna, TryavnaApartment Lake Tryavna   apartments
Трявна Ул."Херман Гмайнер" 4 ,вх Б , ет 3, ап 11, Tryavna, 5350
Number of rooms: 1

Апартамент Lion 7, TryavnaАпартамент Lion 7   apartments
Херман Гмайнер 4 Вх б Апартамент, Tryavna, 5350
Number of rooms: 2

Часовника, TryavnaЧасовника   guest house
16 ulitsa "Angel Kanchev" Tryavna, Tryavna, 5350
Number of rooms: 5

Апартаменти Lion-7, TryavnaАпартаменти Lion-7   apartments
ул. Херман Гмайнер 4, Tryavna
Number of rooms: 2

Вила Цачеви 2, TryavnaВила Цачеви 2   guest house
село Добревци , Tryavna, 5350
Number of rooms: 1

Вила Цачеви, TryavnaВила Цачеви   guest house
село Добревци, Tryavna, 5350
Number of rooms: 1

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