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SozopolSozopol is one of the most popular tourist sites in the summer. Many Bulgarian and foreign guests choose the town for their sea holiday due to the long summer duration, beautiful and shallow beaches, and the romantic atmosphere. Like other Black Sea towns, Sozopol also has an old part which is very well developed and maintained, being a preferable place for strolls and dinners. Tourists may visit the remains of ancient fortress and villages there. Holiday makers may also find accommodations in the Old Sozopol. There are various categories of accommodations in the town that offer from decent to luxury comfort. Like in many other Black Sea towns and resorts, tourists may also find self-contained apartments and studios in Sozopol and modest rooms in private houses. Most of the rooms and apartments are occupied in July and August which makes many tourists to make reservations in the beginning of the year or in the spring months. Many of the private homes are transformed into comfortable 2-star and 3-star family hotels. The new part of Sozopol, however, offers more luxury and exquisite hotels and holiday complexes. Besides modern furniture design and private swimming pools, expensive hotels offer contemporary SPA procedures and excellent conditions for conference and business tourism. In Sozopol’s outskirts, travelers may find large complexes and sumptuous apart-hotels which offer quietness and comfort outside the noisy streets of the town. Many of the accommodations are located on the sea shore, in a proximity to the famous beaches of Kavatsite and Zlatna Ribka. The closeness of Sozopol to many camping sites contributes to the high number of visitors during the summer. Quite a few people come to the town in the beginning of September for the annual Apollonia Festival of Arts.


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Hotel Skalite, Sozopol
Hotel Skalite   Hotel 3 Stars
5, Boruna Str., tel.: +359 889 523064, +359 888 676549, Sozopol

Hotel Amon Ra, Sozopol
Hotel Amon Ra   Hotel 3 Stars
28, Odesa Str., tel.: +359 550 24350, +359 550 24070, +359 899 121971, Sozopol

S&D Private Holiday Apartments, SozopolS&D Private Holiday Apartments   apartments
513-12, Sozopol
Number of rooms: 2

Budzhaka Villa, SozopolBudzhaka Villa   guest house
Via Pontika Str. 192, Sozopol, 8130
Number of rooms: 1

Studio in Lily Beach Resort, SozopolStudio in Lily Beach Resort   apartments
Sozopol kavazi Budjaka, Sozopol, 8130
Number of rooms: 1

villa DIAMANTI, Sozopolvilla DIAMANTI   guest house
83 улица „Рибарска“, Sozopol, 8130
Number of rooms: 4

Guestrooms Maria Antoaneta, SozopolGuestrooms Maria Antoaneta   guest house
40 Vihren Str., Sozopol, 8130
Number of rooms: 12

Family Hotel Sofi, SozopolFamily Hotel Sofi   Hotel 3 Stars
23 Stara Planina Str., Sozopol, 8130
Number of rooms: 20

Hotel Radik, SozopolHotel Radik   Hotel 3 Stars
4 Republikanska Str., Sozopol, 8130
Number of rooms: 17

Hotel Antares, SozopolHotel Antares   Hotel 2 Stars
20A Kapitan Petko Voivoda Str, Sozopol, 8130
Number of rooms: 20

Hotel Coral Sozopol, SozopolHotel Coral Sozopol   Hotel 3 Stars
5 Lazuren Brjag Street, Sozopol, 8130
Number of rooms: 63

комплекс Свети Йоан Созопол, Sozopolкомплекс Свети Йоан Созопол   apartments
Апартхотел Свети Йоан, местност Ачмалъци, плаж Каваци бл. Е, ап. Е 302, ет. 3, Sozopol, 8130
Number of rooms: 1

Townhouse BUDZHAKA, SozopolTownhouse BUDZHAKA   guest house
Солинария дом 9, Sozopol
Number of rooms: 1

Private Onebedroom apartaments in Laguna 2309, SozopolPrivate Onebedroom apartaments in Laguna 2309   apartments
улица „Созополски Манастири“, Sozopol, 8130
Number of rooms: 1

Apartment Apolon, SozopolApartment Apolon   apartments
ulitsa Apolon Iyatrus Block 1 (A) Floor 1, Ap.9, Sozopol, 8130
Number of rooms: 2

Moreno, SozopolMoreno   guest house
27 улица „Мусала”, Sozopol, 8130
Number of rooms: 11

Luxury 3-bedroom villa in Sozopolis with sea view, SozopolLuxury 3-bedroom villa in Sozopolis with sea view   guest house
ул. „Виа Понтика“ 109 къща 54В, Sozopol, 8130
Number of rooms: 4

Santa Marina - Forest Relax Apartment, SozopolSanta Marina - Forest Relax Apartment   apartments
Санта Марина, Созопол, Sozopol, 8130
Number of rooms: 1

Апартамент Адикт, SozopolАпартамент Адикт   apartments
улица „Републиканска“, Sozopol, 8130
Number of rooms: 1

Luxurious Apartment in Santa Marina, SozopolLuxurious Apartment in Santa Marina   apartments
Santa Marina Holiday Village, Santa Marina Area, Sozopol, 8130
Number of rooms: 1

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