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SofiaSofia is a cosmopolitan city and as such offers a variety of accommodation types – from 5-star hotels to unpretentious hostels. They can be found in the top centre, as well as in the suburbs of the city. Yet, the major part of the accommodations in Sofia is concentrated in the centre and its periphery. Sofia has the advantage to be situated just below Vitosha Mountain which gives the perfect conditions for both summer and winter tourism. That is why the visitors of the city can choose to stay in one of the “mountain” quarters of Sofia – Dragalevtsi, Simeonovo and Boyana where there are numerous hotels that offer various facilities and comfort not only for the wealthy guests but also for the ones with a limited budget. The reasons to visit Sofia are many – business, tourism, entertainment or just shopping. This defines the location of the accommodations in the city so that they are fully convenient and functional to their guests. People visiting Sofia for business or politics would prefer hotels near the capital’s administrative and business centers. Bigger business centers are now situated in the suburbs of Sofia, such as Business Park Sofia in Mladost quarter. A 5-star hotel from the Holiday Inn chain was built next to the Business Park. Apart from being the capital of Bulgaria and the country’s biggest city, Sofia attracts visitors with its cultural heritage as well to which belongs the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the Boyana Chrch, St. Nedelya Church, the remains of the ancient city of Serdika, the medieval St. Petka of the Saddlers Church, the National Museum of History, etc.


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Hotel 007
Hotel 007   Hotel 3 Stars
15, Ivan Dimitrov - Kuklata Str., tel.: +359 2 8702149, Sofia (Район: Slatina District)
Hotel 007 is located in a quiet and calm neighbourhood in the periphery of the centre of Sofia. There are convenient connections of the public transport to the centre and the airport. The hotel offers a combination of qualitative services, cosiness and comfort.
Galiani Guest House
Galiani Guest House   Hotel 1 Starguest house
70, Hristo Botev Blvd., tel.: +359 879 594 970, Sofia (Район: City centre)
Galiani Guest House is appropriate for guests of Sofia who look for a closeness of the city centre and the main commercial areas. The hostel offers accommodation in rooms with a local heating system and wireless Internet.
Hotel Atlantic
Hotel Atlantic   Hotel 3 Stars
2, 19th Str., tel.: +359 2 9613400, +359 878 787787, Sofia (Район: Simeonovo Quarter)
The hotel offers accommodation in 10 rooms and 10 apartments. All premises have air-conditioning, satellite TV and Internet access. There is a jacuzzi in the apartments. The hotel also has a panoramic restaurant, swimming-pool, fitness, sauna and business hall.
Levitt Smart HostelLevitt Smart Hostel   Hotel 1 Starhostel
55, Vitosha Boulevard, , tel.: +359 885 640012, +359 897 636367, Sofia (Район: City centre)
The hostel is located in the centre of Sofia. It features a robot receptionist which uses face-recognation technology for the faces of guests and visitors. Тhe hostel offers tourist information, free tea and coffee, as well as breakfast in the snack-bar.
Ivani Apartments
Ivani Apartments   apartments
70, Hristo Botev Str., tel.: +359 879 594970, Sofia (Район: city centre)
Hotel Restaurant Boeritsa
Hotel Restaurant Boeritsa   Hotel 2 Stars
tel.: +359 885 209 097, +359 888 253 457, Park Vitosha (Район: near Konyarnika and Vetrovala)
Boutique ApartmentBoutique Apartment   apartments
58, Buzludzha Str., tel.: +359 885 589 888, Sofia (Район: near NDK)
Hotel Diter
Hotel Diter   Hotel 3 Stars
65, Khan Asparuh Str., tel.: +359 2 98 98 998, Sofia (Район: in the centre of Sofia)
Hotel Diter is a 3-storey building on a quiet street located in the ideal centre of Sofia, just a few minutes walk from the government institutions, banks, offices and commercial centers. The hotel has its own restaurant with a garden.
Best Western Premier Thracia HotelBest Western Premier Thracia Hotel   Hotel 4 Stars
30, Solunska Str., tel.: +359 2 8017900, Sofia (Район: City centre)
Best Western Premier Thracia Hotel is located in the centre of Sofia between two of the main boulevards in the Bulgarian capital. The hotel is very close to the major business, cultural and financial institutions in the city. It offers 43 rooms and 5 apartments.
Hotel Arte
Hotel Arte   Hotel 3 Stars
5, Dondukov Blvd., tel.: +359 2 402 7100, Sofia (Район: City centre, next to the Council of Ministers)
Hotel Arte is a small luxury hotel in the centre of Sofia, next to the Council of Ministers. The hotel resembles an art club where guests could feel the magic of the Bulgarian art, classical music, cinema and literature.
Hotel Geneva
Hotel Geneva   Hotel 4 Stars
9, Balkandzhi Yovo Str., tel.: +359 2 9553435, Sofia (Район: Western Sofia)
Hotel Geneva in Sofia is a contemporary business hotel that offers exquisite double rooms and suites equipped with satellite TV, Internet access and mini-bar. There is also a small conference room, restaurant, lobby bar, fitness and a panoramic terrace.
Bon Voyage Hotel AlexanderBon Voyage Hotel Alexander   Hotel 3 Stars
88, Slivnitsa Blvd., tel.: +359 877 701007, +359 2 9278995, Sofia (Район: Lyulin District)
Bon Voyage Hotel Alexander is located near the Slivnitsa metro station. The hotel offers 20 rooms with a private bathroom, cable TV and wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi). Bon Voyage Hotel Alexander has a restaurant with garden and a VIP meeting hall.
Hotel Brod
Hotel Brod   Hotel 3 Stars
66, Simeonovsko Shose Blvd., tel.: +359 2 9681980, Sofia (Район: near Vitosha Mountain and Students’ Town Quarter)
The hotel is located in a close proximity to Vitosha mountain and in the same time just several minutes drive from the centre of Sofia. The hotel offers its guests accommodation, restaurant and conference halls for business and various occasions.
Business Hotel Legends
Business Hotel Legends   Hotel 4 Stars
54-56, Cherni Vrah Blvd., tel.: +359 2 961 7930, +359 886 819 350, Sofia (Район: Lozenets District)
Business Hotel Legends is one the newest hotels in Sofia, close to the city centre. The hotel has luxuriously furnished 40 double and 3 single rooms, 2 apartments and 2 apartment houses. The guests could also hire one of the 2 conference halls.
SPA Hotel Tsarsko Selo
SPA Hotel Tsarsko Selo   Hotel 4 Starscomplex
tel.: +359 2 8160101, +359 899 914493, Sofia (Район: Southern Sofia)
SPA Hotel Tsarsko Selo offers standard and luxury rooms and apartments equipped with telephone, mini-bar, satellite TV, air-conditioning and Internet access. The apartments have their own kitchen corner.
Hotel Forum
Hotel Forum   Hotel 3 Stars
41, Tsar Boris III Blvd., tel.: +359 2 954 4444, +359 888 50 61 02, Sofia (Район: Krasno Selo District)
Hotel Forum has a very convenient location and offers a variety of services representative for 3-star hotels - fully furnished and equipped rooms and apartments, conference halls, fitness, SPA center, currency change, etc.
Best Western Lozenetz HotelBest Western Lozenetz Hotel   Hotel 3 Stars
23, Sveti Naum Str., tel.: +359 2 9654444, +359 897 998099, Sofia (Район: Lozenets District)
The luxury bisiness Best Western Lozenetz Hotel is located very close to the National Palace of Culture and the central areas of Sofia. The Sofia Airport is around 20-minute driving from the hotel. Guests could use conference halls, underground parking and a restaurant.
Hotel Silver House
Hotel Silver House   Hotel 4 Stars
6, Simeonovsko Shose Blvd., tel.: +359 2 862 5555, Sofia (Район: Southern Sofia, near Students’ Town Quarter)
Hotel Silver House is located in one of the central quarters of Sofia, close to business complexes, institutions and commercial centers. The hotel is one of the few in the Bulgarian capital which is surrounded by green parks and is in the same time close to the centre.
Grand Hotel SofiaGrand Hotel Sofia   Hotel 5 Stars
1, Gurko Str., tel.: +359 2 811 0811, Sofia (Район: City centre)
Grand Hotel Sofia is located opposite to the National theater Ivan Vazov is one of the preferable 5-star hotels in Sofia. The rooms and the apartments offer a beautiful view to the nearby park. The hotel has luxury restaurants and bars.
Hotel BudapestHotel Budapest   Hotel 3 Stars
92A, Budapest Str., tel.: +359 2 4215800, Sofia (Район: near Central Bus Station)
Hotel Budapest is very close to the Central railway station and the Central bus station in Sofia. The hotel offers accommodation in 63 rooms, Internet, elegant restaurant and a free parking to its guests
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