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SlivenOne probably unknown fact but Sliven is among the top 10 biggest cities in Bulgaria. Popular as “the town of the hundred voivodes”, since in the past Sliven was a gathering place of the haidouk movement. That is why there are a lot of museums and churches in the city. Sliven’s guests may choose from few but classy accommodations with a prevalence of the 3-star hotels. They are located in the city entry or in the centre but there are several hotels in areas like Djuleva River, Blue Stones Nature Park and Karandila. Undoubtedly, Blue Stones is the most popular and magnificent place in the region of Sliven and attracts numerous tourists and mountain lovers. Hotels in Sliven have a peculiar appearance combining modern architecture and facilities, as well as traditional patterns from the period of the Bulgarian national revival. For the sake of the guests’ convenience, there are restaurants, wireless Internet connection, comfortable furniture and perfect conditions for a conference and business tourism. There are also 4-star hotels in Sliven which offer more luxury accommodation and extras like swimming pools, fitness centers and night clubs. The city has a convenient location as a transit destination on the way to Bourgas. Many tourists visit Sliven on they way to the Bulgarian seaside. A famous fact is that three rivers flow together in the territory of the city – Stara River, Kurucha and Asenovska, which makes the city landscape more beautiful and charming. Apart from the nature landmarks of the region, tourists may enjoy the city’s theatrical traditions or visit the museum-houses Hadji Dimitar and Dobri Chintulov, as well as the History Museum.


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Apartment Golden Pyramid, SlivenApartment Golden Pyramid   apartments
46 Rayna Knyaginya street, next to building *8, Sliven, 8800
Number of rooms: 1

Hotel Divetsite, SlivenHotel Divetsite   Hotel 2 Stars
Ichera village, Hotel Divetsite, Sliven, 8849
Number of rooms: 20

Hotel Vista Sliven, SlivenHotel Vista Sliven   Hotel 1 Star
2 Hadji Dimitar Square, Sliven, 8800
Number of rooms: 77

Apartament Druzhba, SlivenApartament Druzhba   apartments
Sliven, Druzhba , Sliven, 8806
Number of rooms: 1

Студио Теа 2, SlivenСтудио Теа 2   apartments
улица „Генерал Кирил Ботев“ 15, Sliven, 8804
Number of rooms: 1

Студио Теа 1, SlivenСтудио Теа 1   apartments
улица „Генерал Кирил Ботев“ 15, Sliven, 8804
Number of rooms: 1

Шато Ветровитите Хълмове, SlivenШато Ветровитите Хълмове   Hotel 1 Star
Япраклий 253 с.Злати Войвода,м.Япраклий 253, Sliven, 8875
Number of rooms: 11

Студио Теа 3, SlivenСтудио Теа 3   apartments
улица „Генерал Кирил Ботев“ 15 гр. Сливен, Sliven, 8804
Number of rooms: 1

ulitsa "General Kiril Botev" 11, Sliven, 8804
Number of rooms: 1

Blue Rock Apartment, SlivenBlue Rock Apartment   apartments
20 Hristo Botev blvd, floor 4, apartment 8, Sliven, 8804
Number of rooms: 1

Sweety, SlivenSweety   apartments
6 улица „Райна Княгиня“, Sliven, 8802
Number of rooms: 1

Sliven Home with a View, SlivenSliven Home with a View   apartments
80B Patriarh Evtimitii Str., Sliven, 8800
Number of rooms: 1

Студио 90, SlivenСтудио 90   apartments
11 площад „Хаджи Димитър“, Sliven, 8800
Number of rooms: 1

Studio Toni, SlivenStudio Toni   apartments
ulitsa "Sava Dobroplodni" 11А, Sliven, 8802
Number of rooms: 1

Studio in the Center, SlivenStudio in the Center   guest house
№11 Hadzhi Dimitar square, entr. B, 2nd floor, ap. 4, Sliven, 8800
Number of rooms: 1

Guesthouse Teos, SlivenGuesthouse Teos   guest house
30 Samuilovsko Shose street, Sliven, 8865
Number of rooms: 8

Hotel Ricas, SlivenHotel Ricas   Hotel 1 Star
Братя Миладинови 23 23, Sliven, 8800
Number of rooms: 33

Hotel Sveti Nikola, SlivenHotel Sveti Nikola   Hotel 1 Star
1 Bansko Shose Str., Sliven, 8800
Number of rooms: 30

Guest House Niko, SlivenGuest House Niko   guest house
69 Velikoknyazhevska Str., Sliven, 8800
Number of rooms: 6

Dream Hotel, SlivenDream Hotel   Hotel 3 Stars
Bul. Panayot Hitov 111, Sliven, 8800
Number of rooms: 11

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