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SandanskiSandanski is one of the oldest health resorts in Bulgaria best known for its climate, the high number of sunny days and the fresh air. Many people from the country and abroad choose Sandanski for their balneological or tourist destination throughout the year. Situated at the foot of Pirin Mountain and next to the international Route E 79 leading to Greece, Sandanski is just 160 km south of Sofia. Legends tell that the old Thracian leader Spartacus was born here. Today, monument and memorial complex featuring the warrior welcome guests at the town entrance. Tourism has been boosting the town’s economy for decades. Sandanski is very popular with its mineral swimming-pools – public and in hotels – as well as with the park areas. The town has been awarded several times as the best Bulgarian SPA destination and acknowledged for the excellent tourist conditions. It is highly doubtful not to find the demanded accommodation here. There are a lot of lodging rooms, guest houses and hotels for any needs. Wherever you choose to stay, the hospitality is guaranteed. Three-star hotels dominate and they offer various possibilities according to the taste and needs of their guests. Usually, such hotels have a private swimming pool, garden, restaurant or a tavern. Three-star hotels are scattered around Sandanski – in the town centre, suburban quarters or in the park areas. The more luxury hotels are big holiday complexes isolated from the town noise and offering a variety of rooms, apartments, restaurants, bars, modern conference halls and all kinds of attractions for children. The taverns and restaurants in Sandanski are also popular with the quality of the cuisine. The town is comfortably close to many tourist sites and even the northern Greek resorts. A short drive separates Sandanski from the Pirin National Park, the rocky pyramids of Melnik, , Rozhen Monastery, Rupite Area and many more. For those interested in hiking and adventures, the region is marked by several waterfalls, caves and nature reserves. The border checkpoint Kulata-Promachonas is located just 20 km south of Sandanski.


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Hotel EEit, SandanskiHotel EEit   Hotel 3 Stars
17, Hristo Smirnenski Str., tel.: +359 883 505040, Sandanski


Apostolite, SandanskiApostolite   Hotel 3 Stars
Местност Тремощница Село Лиляново, Sandanski, 2809
Number of rooms: 9

Thomas Palace Apartments, SandanskiThomas Palace Apartments   apartments
3 Pliska str., Sandanski, 2800
Number of rooms: 6

April Studios in Sandanski, SandanskiApril Studios in Sandanski   apartments
Via Polenica, Sandanski, 2800
Number of rooms: 8

Апартамент Ванеса, SandanskiАпартамент Ванеса   apartments
улица „княз Борис I“10 Ап.2 ет.2, Sandanski, 2800
Number of rooms: 1

ГеВе Апартаменти, SandanskiГеВе Апартаменти   apartments
улица Сандански Мискет 8 вх. Б,ет. 2, Sandanski, 2800
Number of rooms: 3

FILIOS, SandanskiFILIOS   apartments
ул. Кирил и Методий 27 вход А, етаж 2, ап.1,, Sandanski, 2800
Number of rooms: 3

Guest Rooms, Studio "Thomas Palace"***, SandanskiGuest Rooms, Studio "Thomas Palace"***   apartments
3 улица „Плиска“, Sandanski, 2800
Number of rooms: 1

Central Apartment Sandanski, SandanskiCentral Apartment Sandanski   apartments
Васил Кънчев 2 Етаж 2, Sandanski, 2800
Number of rooms: 1

FILIOS, SandanskiFILIOS   apartments
Улица Кирил и Методий 27 апартамент 2, Sandanski, 2800
Number of rooms: 1

Апартамент Еми, SandanskiАпартамент Еми   apartments
Атанас Давидов 3, Sandanski, 2800
Number of rooms: 1

Санди 1, SandanskiСанди 1   guest house
ulitsa "Voden", Sandanski, 2800
Number of rooms: 3

апартамент Ванеса, Sandanskiапартамент Ванеса   apartments
улица „Княз Борис I“ 10 Номер 10, Sandanski, 2800
Number of rooms: 1

Apartament Emi, SandanskiApartament Emi   apartments
Атанас Давидов 3, Sandanski, 2800
Number of rooms: 1

Апартамент Хан Аспарух 14, SandanskiАпартамент Хан Аспарух 14   apartments
ул. Хан Аспарух 14, ет.4, Sandanski, 2800
Number of rooms: 1

Апартамент Парк Анжела, SandanskiАпартамент Парк Анжела   apartments
ул."Христо Ботев"15 етаж 4, Sandanski, 2800
Number of rooms: 1

Париж, SandanskiПариж   apartments
35 улица Стефан Стамболов, Sandanski, 2800
Number of rooms: 1

Apartamen Lux, SandanskiApartamen Lux   apartments
Гр.Сандански ул.Сандански Мискет 11 Апартамент 5, Sandanski, 2800
Number of rooms: 1

Guesthouse Udevi, SandanskiGuesthouse Udevi   guest house
ul. Petar Beron 1 entry A, floor 4, apt. 4, Sandanski, 2800
Number of rooms: 3

Boutique Hotel Colosseo, SandanskiBoutique Hotel Colosseo   Hotel 3 Stars
Gushevitsa Street 3, Polenitsa, Sandanski, 2800
Number of rooms: 14

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