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PerperikonPerperikon is undoubtedly one of the most significant archeological discoveries in the last decades not only for Bulgaria but for the European ancient history as well. Perperikon used to be a Thracian city and temple. It could be recognized also with the names Hiperperakion and Perperakion. The settlement is located in the Eastern Rhodopes, 15 km northeastern from Kardzhali City. The rocky complex ascends to 470 meters above the valley of Perpereshka River. The closest village is Gorna Krepost. Due to the very good weather conditions, the area used to be inhabited for centuries. The latest excavations show that the first inhabitants date back in the Stone Age 8000 years ago. In the course of time, Perperikon played an important role as a sanctuary, sacred city, fortress with a palace. Various tribes used to live in the area until the Turkish destroyed the settlement in 14th century. One of the most popular theories states that Perperikon used to be the famous Temple of Dionysius which is compared by importance with the temple of Apollo in Delphi. Perperikon consists of 4 parts – a strong fortress, an acropolis on the highest spot of the hill, a sacred palace and residential areas. The last are still not excavated and examined but the observations prove the existence of streets, houses and smaller temples. During the last years, the area has been developed in terms of infrastructure and the sanctuary is easily accessible. There is a big parking lot under the settlement, as well as several souvenir shops. The nearest accommodations are in Kardzhali which is surrounded by two of the biggest dams in Bulgaria – Karzdhali Dam and Studen Kladenets Dam. There are 3-star hotels spread all over the city. Several guest houses also offer accommodation in self-contained rooms or apartments.

List of hotels and accommodations close to Perperikon, Bulgaria. Distances are approximate and “as the crow flies”.List of hotels and accommodations
Plamena Guest rooms
Plamena Guest rooms   guest houseHotel 2 Stars
21, Rodopi Str., tel.: +359 361 23990, +359 886 889780 (11.2 km southwest of Perperikon)
Hotel Ustra
Hotel Ustra   Hotel 3 Stars
1, General Delov Str., tel.: +359 361 64 722 (12 km southwest of Perperikon)
Boutique Hotel BehiBoutique Hotel Behi   Hotel 3 Stars
12 Georgi Kondolov Str. (12 km southwest of Perperikon)
Hotel § restaurant Kardjali
Hotel § restaurant Kardjali   Hotel 3 Starscomplex
68, Belomorski Blvd., tel.: +359 361 82355, +359 879 604011 (12 km southwest of Perperikon)
Hotel Arpezos
Hotel Arpezos   Hotel 3 Stars
46 Republikanska Str., tel.: +359 361 60200, +359 885 919601 (12.1 km southwest of Perperikon)
Hotel PerperikonHotel Perperikon   Hotel 3 Stars
3, Volga Str., tel.: +359 361 67140, +359 361 61874 (12.4 km southwest of Perperikon)
The White HouseThe White House   guest house
34, 1st May Blvd. (12.8 km southwest of Perperikon)