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MelnikMelnik is known not only as the smallest town in Bulgaria but as a place with picturesque and wondrous rocky formations, as well as for its hospitable atmosphere. The town is located in the south-western part of Bulgaria on the territory of Pirin Mountain. The altitude of only 436 m does not make Melnik a typical mountain town but the magnificent landscape gives the place a magic enchantment. Sandanski Town is the most common starting point to Melnik. The distance between the two towns is approximately 22 km. The region around Melnik characterizes with a mild climate, also due to the proximity of the Aegean Sea. The small town also belongs to the list of 100 Tourist Sites of Bulgaria of the Bulgarian Tourist Union. Many of the houses in Melnik are national revival monuments and historical documents highlight that the town was established as a fortress which remains are still visible. The white rock formations are the town's symbol and the most distinctive feature. The constant tourist flow, both Bulgarians and foreigners, has led to the starting of hotels and guest houses, many of them run as a family business. The 3-star hotels predominate and they offer cozy restaurants, taverns and wine-cellars. The Melnik wine is very popular and it even has its own festival, usually held in February. Few of the hotels have the capacity to accommodate bigger groups and offer more luxurious apartments and/or SPA services. The architecture is typical for Melnik and the region and predispose to a relaxing and memorable stay. Despite being the smallest Bulgarian town, Melnik has a lot to offer and it definitely deserves the long journey. What is worth visiting – the Melnik Fortress, several very old churches, the Melnik Pyramids, Despot Slav Fortress, the Rozhen Monastery, Rupite Village and many more.


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Manoleva House, MelnikManoleva House   guest house
ул. Мелник 48 Мелник, Melnik, 2820
Number of rooms: 6

Guest House Rimski Most, MelnikGuest House Rimski Most   guest house
137, Melnik Str., Melnik, 2820
Number of rooms: 4

Elli Greco Hotel, MelnikElli Greco Hotel   Hotel 3 Stars
184 Melnik St., Melnik, 2800
Number of rooms: 36

Сининкова Къща, MelnikСининкова Къща   guest house
ул. Мелник 35, Melnik, 2820
Number of rooms: 4

BULGARI melnik, MelnikBULGARI melnik   Hotel 1 Star
melnik 42, Melnik, 2820
Number of rooms: 17

Guesthouse White Margarit, MelnikGuesthouse White Margarit   guest house
Melnik 103, Melnik, 2820
Number of rooms: 7

Apartment R. Dermendzhiev, MelnikApartment R. Dermendzhiev   apartments
Melnik, Melnik, 2820
Number of rooms: 1

Guest House Holiday in Melnik, MelnikGuest House Holiday in Melnik   guest house
106 Melnik Str., Melnik, 2820
Number of rooms: 6

Zornitza Family Estate Relais & Chateaux, MelnikZornitza Family Estate Relais & Chateaux   complex
Zornitza Village, Melnik, 2821
Number of rooms: 19

Despot Slav Hotel & Restaurant, MelnikDespot Slav Hotel & Restaurant   Hotel 2 Stars
Melnik Str 58-59, Melnik, 2820
Number of rooms: 24

Mario Complex, MelnikMario Complex   Hotel 2 Stars
120 - 136 Melnik Str, Melnik, 2820
Number of rooms: 7

Hotel Bolyarka, MelnikHotel Bolyarka   Hotel 3 Stars
Melnik street 34 (next to the old turkish bath), Melnik, 2820
Number of rooms: 21

Hotel Melnik, MelnikHotel Melnik   Hotel 3 Stars
2 Vardar Str., Melnik, 2820
Number of rooms: 31

Хотел Марио, MelnikХотел Марио   Hotel 2 Stars
улица Мелник 137, Melnik, 2820
Number of rooms: 8

Стария Чинар Мелник, MelnikСтария Чинар Мелник   Hotel 2 Stars
ул. Мелник №8, Melnik, 2820
Number of rooms: 5

Хотел Свети Никола, MelnikХотел Свети Никола   Hotel 2 Stars
55 улица Мелник, Melnik, 2820
Number of rooms: 10

Hotel Slavova Krepost, MelnikHotel Slavova Krepost   Hotel 3 Stars
102 Melnik Str., Melnik, 2820
Number of rooms: 12

Хотел Макензен, MelnikХотел Макензен   Hotel 3 Stars
1 ulitsa "Melnik", Melnik, 2800
Number of rooms: 13