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LozenetsThe village of Lozenets is one of the southernmost settlements on the Bulgarian seaside. In the past, the countryside was a part of today's town of Tsarevo and now Lozenets is among the most popular summer destinations in Bulgaria and is preferable for many national and foreign tourists. With the atmosphere of a typical fishing village, Lozenets attracts people due to the fascinating combination between clear sea and the mountain scenery of Strandja. The guests of the lovely village choose to spend their summer vacation there due to the longer season, warm sea waters, the cleanness of the beaches and the quietness. Despite being a small village, Lozenets offers all categories of accommodations - from modest guest houses to luxury hotels and holiday complexes. One of the newest hotels is the 4-star Sunset Beach which is built in the village's outskirts. The 3-star hotels dominate among accommodations and are most preferable as they offer comfortable atmosphere, lower number of rooms and apartments, personal attitude and relatively lower prices. Most of the hotels in Lozenets have full with greenery, offer cafes with cold drinks and refreshments, as well as open-air swimming pools. Lozenets also provides many opportunities for sports and entertainment. If you would like to actively spend your summer holiday, here you could find offers for diving, surfing, bike tours, picnics, canoeing, horse riding, safari and many others. Lozenets is also famous for its impressive bars and clubs which offer elegant atmosphere and design, light music and various drinks and cocktails. Those places are full with people during the day, as well as during the breezy nights. If you love sea food, the restaurants in Lozenets offer all kinds of specialties and food temptations. The village rivals the big noisy resorts and is considered a place for the wealthy young people. It, however, could be your place for a summer holiday in Bulgaria.


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Hotel Oasis Del Sol
Hotel Oasis Del Sol   Hotel 1 Star
tel.: +359 877 49 57 77, Lozenets (Район: Oasis Campingsite)
Venti Club
Venti Club   apartments
14, Mladost Str., tel.: +359 888 610770, Lozenets (Район: 6 minutes from the beach)
Holiday Village Armira Lozenets
Holiday Village Armira Lozenets   complex
tel.: +359 899 144 177, Lozenets (Район: near sandy beach)
Kostadinovi Guest House
Kostadinovi Guest House   guest house
14 Ribarska Str., tel.: +359 59 57472, +359 884 531982, Lozenets (Район: 300 meters from the beach)
Hotel & Restaurant Laguna
Hotel & Restaurant Laguna   Hotel 2 Stars
6, Veleka Str., tel.: +359 887264237, +359 896708270, Lozenets (Район: on the sea shore)
Hotel Elmaz
Hotel Elmaz   Hotel 3 Stars
4, Petrova Niva Str., tel.: +359 888 329 318, Lozenets (Район: close to the Central beach)
Hotel Luxor
Hotel Luxor   Hotel 3 Stars
18, Preobrazhenska Str., tel.: +359 895 680 595, Lozenets (Район: close to the Central beach)
Hotel Strajica
Hotel Strajica   Hotel 1 Star
9, Rezvaya Str., tel.: +359 887 439 159, Lozenets (Район: close to Lozenets)
Deskoni’s Place Guest House
Deskoni’s Place Guest House   guest house
38, Kraymorska Str., tel.: +359 889 667 432, Lozenets (Район: 100 m from the beach)
Hotel PRT - Rainbow
Hotel PRT - Rainbow   Hotel 2 Stars
tel.: +359 879 325 172, +359 879 325 172, Lozenets (Район: Tarfa Area)
Hotel Sunset Beach
Hotel Sunset Beach   Hotel 3 Stars
2, Tsarevski Pat Str., tel.: +359 56 918 654, Lozenets (Район: close to the seashore)
Hotel Romance
Hotel Romance   Hotel 3 Starscomplex
tel.: +359 590 47001, Lozenets (Район: Karaagach Area)
Hotel Kaza Blanca
Hotel Kaza Blanca   Hotel 3 Stars
32, Veleka Str., tel.: +359 888 377 953, Lozenets (Район: at the entrance of Lozenets Village)
Hotel Paradise
Hotel Paradise   Hotel 3 Stars
tel.: +359 898 425 444, +359 898 888 849, Lozenets (Район: 20 m from the beach)
Hotel FriendsHotel Friends   Hotel 1 Star
43 Ribarska Str., tel.: +359 888 661611, +359 889 434 959, Lozenets (Район: in the southern part of Lozenets)
Hotel Alpina
Hotel Alpina   Hotel 1 Star
10, Kraymorska Str., tel.: +359 889 720627, Lozenets (Район: 50 m from the seashore)
OASIS Resort & SPA
OASIS Resort & SPA   complex
tel.: +359 700 10056, Lozenets (Район: 500 m from Lozenets)
Hotel Feniks
Hotel Feniks   Hotel 3 Stars
12 Trakiya Str., tel.: +359 876 172763, Lozenets (Район: close to the beach and the village centre)
Merlin Alexandria Club
Merlin Alexandria Club   Hotel 4 Starscomplex
23, Mladost Str., tel.: 0700 18 308, +359 2 9819413, Lozenets (Район: close to the seashore)
Hotel Zora
Hotel Zora   Hotel 3 Stars
4, Kraybrezhna Str., tel.: +359 877 535 805, Lozenets (Район: close to the Central beach)
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