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GabrovoGabrovo is situated in central Bulgaria and in immediate vicinity of the geographical center of the country in the Uzana region. Known as the longest Bulgarian town, Gabrovo offers many opportunities for tourism and is easily accessible from each part of Bulgaria. As the twon sits on the two banks of Yantra River, visitors usually have to cross at least one of the bridges over the turbulent waters. As Gabrovo is one of the centers of the Bulgarian national revival, the architecture and customs of the people still remind of the previous centuries. The accommodation in small hotels with limited rooms and guest houses is most typical in Gabrovo and the surroundings of the town. Notaby, there are no grand hotel complexes or 5-star hotels. Tourists, however, can rely on cosiness and hospitability that have glorified Gabrovo's residents not only in Bulgaria but in Europe as well. The town centre is small and it is difficult to seat many hotels which makes tourists to choose from accommodations in the other quarters along the river. Undoubtedly, Etara is among the most frequently visited places and very often people share that "the time has stopped" there. A town of numerous monuments, museums, chapels, parks and water taps, Gabrovo is also a contemporary centre with many shops, administrative offices and developed industry. Naturally, business people and seminar/conference participants are among Gabrovo's visitors. Most of the accommodations offer Internet access, conference rooms and comfortable restaurants. Besides the town quarters, many guests choose hotels and guest houses in the villages nearby, including the district of Uzana and village of Popovtsi. Gabrovo also belongs to the list with 100 Tourist Sites of Bulgaria founded by the Bulgarian Tourist Union.


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Hotel Orlovets, Gabrovo
Hotel Orlovets   Hotel 1 Star
106A, Orlovska Str., tel.: +359 66800061, +359 888 680 383, Gabrovo

Top Center Nice View Studio, GabrovoTop Center Nice View Studio   apartments
9 улица „Софроний Врачански“, Gabrovo, 5300
Number of rooms: 1

9 улица „Софроний Врачански“, Gabrovo, 5300
Number of rooms: 1

Family Hotel Gabrovo, GabrovoFamily Hotel Gabrovo   Hotel 3 Stars
4, Hemus blvd, Gabrovo, 5300
Number of rooms: 24

Hotel Balkan, GabrovoHotel Balkan   Hotel 3 Stars
14, Emanuil Manolov str, Gabrovo, 5300
Number of rooms: 60

Божурите, GabrovoБожурите   guest house
Bozhentsi, Gabrovo, 5349
Number of rooms: 1

Къща, GabrovoКъща   guest house
3 улица „Ванче Михайлов“, Gabrovo, 5300
Number of rooms: 3

Guest house Mikaela, GabrovoGuest house Mikaela   guest house
ulitsa "General Derozhinski", Gabrovo, 5301
Number of rooms: 6

The Legends , Art & Forest, GabrovoThe Legends , Art & Forest   guest house
село Беломъжите село Беломъжите, Кметовци, Gabrovo, 5300
Number of rooms: 2

къща за гости ЯНА, Gabrovoкъща за гости ЯНА   guest house
ulitsa "Stefana Bogdanova Gencheva", Gabrovo, 5300
Number of rooms: 4

Апартамент Тилия, GabrovoАпартамент Тилия   apartments
28А улица „Скобелевска“, Gabrovo, 5300
Number of rooms: 1

Guest house-restaurant St. George / Къща за гости-ресторант Свети Георги, GabrovoGuest house-restaurant St. George / Къща за гости-ресторант Свети Георги   b & b
Novakovtsi, Gabrovo, 5479
Number of rooms: 4

Apartment Relax, GabrovoApartment Relax   apartments
pl. 10-ti Yuli 5 3rd floor, ap. 6, Gabrovo, 5300
Number of rooms: 3

Guest House KN Malusha, GabrovoGuest House KN Malusha   apartments
5 ulitsa "Malusha", Gabrovo, 5300
Number of rooms: 3

Апартамент Тотев, GabrovoАпартамент Тотев   apartments
ул.Патриарх Евтимий 19 ул.Патриарх Евтимий 19, Gabrovo, 5300
Number of rooms: 1

Гурме хаус, GabrovoГурме хаус   guest house
"Опълченска"26, Gabrovo, 5300
Number of rooms: 5

Къща за гости-"Борики"-Габрово, GabrovoКъща за гости-"Борики"-Габрово   guest house
с.Борики ул."Морава"№56, Gabrovo, 5335
Number of rooms: 4

Къща за гости ЧИЧАРИТЕ, GabrovoКъща за гости ЧИЧАРИТЕ   guest house
С. СВИНАРСКИ ДОЛ Къща за гости, Gabrovo, 5300
Number of rooms: 1

Hotel Panorama, GabrovoHotel Panorama   Hotel 1 Star
18 Benkovska street, Gabrovo, 5300
Number of rooms: 5

Apartment Diamond, GabrovoApartment Diamond   apartments
8 улица „Емануил Манолов“, Gabrovo, 5300
Number of rooms: 1

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