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BanskoBansko is without a doubt one of the most famous ski destinations in Bulgaria that attracts more and more tourists from the country and abroad. The guests of the town, which is a museum itself, are impressed by the combination of a modern, luxurious resort and a place that keeps the atmosphere from the Bulgarian national revival which visitors can sense during their walk on the cobblestone streets in the old town of Bansko. The presence of a high number of foreign tourists has led to the concentration of various types of accommodation with a prevalence of 4-star hotels and complexes that offer a combination of SPA services and ski tourism. Tourists can also benefit from the all-inclusive offers. Many of the hotels have their own restaurants and/or traditional Bulgarian taverns, indoor swimming pools and different entertainment services. There are, of course, few 5-star hotels in Bansko among which are Kempinski Hotel Grand Arena and Guinness that accommodate the most pretentious guests. The buildings are big and offer a big number of rooms and apartments, as well as various extras. However, if you would like to feel the real magic of Bansko, we advise you to stay at one of the small family-run hotels or the old restored guest houses where the rooms still smell of history and the breakfast is made by a kind granny. The comfort here can be compared to the comfort in hotels of a higher category. The family hotels, villas and guest houses are especially suitable for families with children or young couples that prefer the coziness of the family home and the authenticity of the taverns. Although urbanization takes its toll in Bansko, the town continues to keep the remains of the past and to give an example of the Bulgarian hospitality and the beauty of the nature. Bansko is a popular destination in the summer as well when guests combine the coolness of the mountain with relaxing SPA and wellness treatments, visits of museums and festivals or the villages near Bansko, including Banya and Belitsa. The jazz festival in Bansko in August has turned into a tradition which attracts international attention and transforms the town into a cultural centre of a world-wide value.


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Hotel and Tavern Momini DvoriHotel and Tavern Momini Dvori   Hotel 3 Stars
2, Nikola Vaptsarov Sq., tel.: +359 749 88076, Bansko (Район: in the centre of Bansko)
Park Hotel Gardenia
Park Hotel Gardenia   Hotel 4 Stars
72, Tsar Simeon Str., tel.: +359 749 86900, Bansko (Район: in the centre of Bansko)
Belvedere Holiday ClubBelvedere Holiday Club   Hotel 4 Starscomplex
Shipotsko Area, Bansko (Район: 500 m north-western from the primary cabin lift station)
Pirina Club Hotel
Pirina Club Hotel   Hotel 3 Stars
13, Krastyo Asenov Str., tel.: +359 898 601 021, Bansko (Район: Glazne Quarter)
Grand Hotel BanskoGrand Hotel Bansko   Hotel 4 Stars
5, Glazne Str., tel.: 0700 12 120, +359 879 999 942, Bansko (Район: at the entrance of Bansko)
Winslow HotelsWinslow Hotels   apart-hotel
tel.: +359 749 81080, Bansko (Район: in prestigious districts of Bansko)
Kempinski Hotel Grand ArenaKempinski Hotel Grand Arena   Hotel 5 Stars
96, Pirin Str., tel.: +359 749 88888, Bansko (Район: very close to the primary lift station)
Aparthotel Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax
Aparthotel Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax   Hotel 5 Starsapart-hotel
4-10, Kir Blago Todev Str., tel.: +359 879 111 222, Bansko (Район: at the entrance of Bansko)
MPM Hotel Guinness BanskoMPM Hotel Guinness Bansko   Hotel 4 Stars
Yavor Str., tel.: +359 878 909 805, Bansko (Район: close to the primary lift station)
Hotel Evelina Palace
Hotel Evelina Palace   Hotel 4 Stars
34, Ikonomo Chuchulain Str., tel.: +359 749 86428, +359 749 86429, Bansko (Район: Glazne Quarter)
Hotel FriendsHotel Friends   Hotel 3 Stars
2, Rayna Knyaginya, tel.: +359 894 612 626, Bansko (Район: 300 m from the primary lift station)
Hadji Popov Green LodgeHadji Popov Green Lodge   guest house
3, Tsar Boris III Str., tel.: +359 7498 2131, +359 898 633133, Bansko (Район: in the broad central area)
Complex Mountain Romance
Complex Mountain Romance   Hotel 3 Stars
54, Zahari Stoyanov Str., tel.: +359 885 992 333, Bansko (Район: very close to the primary cabin lift station)
Hotel AneliHotel Aneli   Hotel 3 Stars
10A, Rila Str., tel.: +359 749 88070, Bansko (Район: Glazne Quarter)
Apart Hotel Vihren Palace
Apart Hotel Vihren Palace   Hotel 4 Starscomplex
2, Pere Toshev Str., tel.: +359 884 202090, +359 749 87777, Bansko (Район: 80 m from the primary lift station)
Hotel Glazne
Hotel Glazne   Hotel 4 Stars
2, Panayot Hitov Str., tel.: +359 749 88022, Bansko (Район: in the southern part of Bansko)
Green Life Ski & SPA ResortGreen Life Ski & SPA Resort   Hotel 4 Starsapart-hotel
tel.: +359 749 52286, Bansko (Район: Kosherinata Area)
Hotel Bella VistaHotel Bella Vista   Hotel 3 Stars
20, El Tepe Str., tel.: +359 749 82396, Bansko (Район: in the centre of Bansko)
The Grand Royale Apartment Hotel & SPA
The Grand Royale Apartment Hotel & SPA   Hotel 4 Starsapart-hotel
3, Todorini Ochi Str., tel.: +359 749 96044, Bansko (Район: 300 m from the primary cabin lift station)
Hotel DumanovHotel Dumanov   Hotel 3 Stars
15, Nayden Gerov Str., tel:. +359 749 85051, Bansko (Район: next to the primary cabin lift station)
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