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BalchikBalchik is a resort town with ancient history and many landmarks, which make tens of thousands of tourists choose it for their summer holiday. The town is emblematic for the Northern Black Sea, very close to popular resorts like Golden Sands, Albena and Kranevo. Kavarna Town is only 15 km away. The famous architectural complex Balchik Palace is 2 km west of the town centre. It was once used as the Romanian queen Maria’s summer residence. Nowadays, the complex is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Bulgaria and part of the country’s 100 Tourist Sites. The botanical garden in the Palace was founded in the far 1955 and is noteworthy not only in Bulgaria but in the whole Europe. The typical landscape is composed of white limestone and attracts tourists who pursue bold adventures, such as cliff climbing above the sea waves. Accommodations in Balchik are highly varied – from modest guest houses to luxury hotels. Holidaymakers can choose rooms in the town centre, as well as in the surrounding villa zones – Balchik Palace, Tuzlata, Kulaka, Sborno Myasto and Belite Skali. Generally, 3-star hotels prevail in the central areas of Balchik and usually are small but dapper buildings with comfortable rooms, apartments and amenities. Guest houses in Balchik are scattered in the town outskirts, with some of them located in the Old town. Hotels and houses in the high parts of Kulaka and Belite Skali are especially attractive as they offer magnificent panoramic views of the Black Sea. Balchik also offers 5-star accommodations which tourists can find few kilometers out of town, between Balchik and Kavarna, on the cliffs. This region has been identified as the heaven of golf lovers from Bulgaria and abroad. All golf courses are constructed by the most modern standards and are exquisitely supplemented by elegant restaurants, bars, clubs, wellness and SPA centers, swimming pools. Wherever your accommodation is located, Balchik offers convenient transport links to the district town of Dobrich, as well as to the towns and resorts in the south.


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Hotel Elit Palace and SPA
Hotel Elit Palace and SPA   Hotel 4 Stars
Albensko Shose Str., tel.: +359 579 76959, Balchik (Район: close to the Botanic Garden of Balchik)
Regina Maria Spa Hotel
Regina Maria Spa Hotel   Hotel 4 Stars
tel.: +359 579 90266, +359 897 090172, Balchik (Район: maritime alley Damba)
Guest House Horizont
Guest House Horizont   Hotel 2 Stars
42, Parva Str., tel.: +359 885207252, Balchik (Район: 600 m from the Botanic Garden, Villa Zone Sborno Myasto)
Complex Marina City
Complex Marina City   Hotel 3 Starscomplex
8, Primorska Str., тел.: +359 893 501349, +359 895 501346, Balchik (Район: next to the yacht port)
Hotel Mistral
Hotel Mistral   Hotel 4 Stars
8B, Primorska Str., tel.: +359 579 71130, Balchik (Район: next to the yacht port)
Hotel AlexHotel Alex   Hotel 2 Stars
2, Parva Str., tel.: +359899810835, Balchik (Район: near the Botanical Garden)
Hotel Helios
Hotel Helios   Hotel 3 Stars
32, Primorska Str., tel.: +359 579 76970, +359 893 308769, Balchik (Район: on the beach)
Hotel Bisser
Hotel Bisser   Hotel 1 Star
1, Daki Yordanov Blvd., tel.: +359 579 72 717, Balchik (Район: near the Balchik Palace)
Villa Puma
Villa Puma   guest house
56, Sedma Str., tel.: +359 897 809269, +359 897 809266, +359 897 809271, Balchik (Район: Balchik villa area)
Hotel Paris
Hotel Paris   Hotel 3 Stars
at the entrance of Balchik, tel.: +359 888 214325, Balchik (Район: close to the Botanic Garden of Balchik)
Guest House Kibela
Guest House Kibela   guest house
24, Koyu Raychev Str., tel.: +359 897 997272, Balchik (Район: 700 m from the beach)
Lighthouse Golf & SPA Resort
Lighthouse Golf & SPA Resort   Hotel 5 Stars
tel.: +359 52 401400, Balchik (Район: 5 km after Balchik on E87 Road)
Hotel Complex Naslada
Hotel Complex Naslada   Hotel 3 Starscomplex
20, Daka Yordanov Str., тел.: +359 579 72279, +359 888 809476, Balchik (Район: the resort area of Balchik)
Hotel Jupiter
Hotel Jupiter   Hotel 3 Stars
1A, Primorska Str., tel.: +359 579 76470, +359 887 890161, Balchik (Район: 50 m from the yacht port)
Selena Hotel
Selena Hotel   Hotel 3 Stars
18, Primorska Str., tel.: +359 57 990414, Balchik (Район: in the centre of Balchik)
Hotel Diamond
Hotel Diamond   Hotel 3 Stars
tel.: +359 579 72410, +359 887 910 500, Balchik (Район: the Balchik Castle area)
White House Family Hotel
White House Family Hotel   Hotel 3 Stars
18, Geo Milev Str., tel.: +359 579 73822, +359 579 73951, Balchik (Район: very close to the beach)
Hotel Rai
Hotel Rai   Hotel 3 Stars
tel.: +359 889 431 043, Balchik (Район: Tuzlata Area)
Family hotel Silver Pearl
Family hotel Silver Pearl   Hotel 2 Stars
13, Primorska Str., tel.: +359 579 74434, +359 888 587267, Balchik (Район: 50 m from the beach)
Family Hotel Magnolia
Family Hotel Magnolia   Hotel 2 Stars
25, Primorska Str., tel.: +359 888 924844, +359 888 820899, Balchik (Район: 300 m from the seafront)
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