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ApriltsiApriltsi is one of the small resort towns in Central Old Mountain (Stara Planina). It is located only 1-hour drive away from the district Lovech Town. The close Troyan Town and its landmarks are only 25 km apart. Apriltsi is huddled up in a beautiful valley, just under two of the emblematic Bulgarian mountain peaks – Botev and Maragidik. The town is preferred by the lovers of fresh air and long walks in the woods. There are five eco-paths in the surrounding areas which are suitable for long strolls, as well as for horse-riding and cycling. One of the most popular landmarks near Apriltsi is the waterfall called Vidimsko Praskalo. It is 80 meters high and attracts tourists throughout the year. Apriltsi is a part of the Central Balkan National Park where Bulgarians and foreigners can visit many of the country’s nature reserves. Apriltsi also played an important role in the Bulgarian National Movement in 19th century and many buildings in the town speak about that role nowadays. Old houses and churches are among the many signs of the importance of that period of time. The warm mineral baths and pools in Shipkovo, Chiflik and Beklemeto are not very far from Apriltsi – around 1-hour drive. It definitely deserves to make the trip even for one day. Regarding the accommodation options, Apriltsi offers various lodging categories. However, most of them are 2-star hotels and family guesthouses. There are several more expensive hotels and holiday complexes but staying at a traditional house has its charm. The hosts usually offer a fully-furnished kitchen, Internet connection and a small swimming-pool during the summer. The guesthouses are scattered around the town but most of them are located in the quarters of Ostrets and Novo selo. Tourists often prefer the hospitability and cosines of the home atmosphere where they can try traditional local food or make a barbeque in the yard themselves.


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Къща за гости Вила Отдих Vila Otdih, ApriltsiКъща за гости Вила Отдих Vila Otdih   guest house
28 улица „Отдих“, Apriltsi, 5650
Number of rooms: 5

Vidima Apartment Hotel, ApriltsiVidima Apartment Hotel   apart-hotel
area Vidima, Vilna str., Apriltsi, 5641
Number of rooms: 15

Hotel 1876, ApriltsiHotel 1876   Hotel 3 Stars
Ul. Radevska 14, Apriltsi, 5640
Number of rooms: 5

Почивна станция Здравец, ApriltsiПочивна станция Здравец   apart-hotel
ул.Вилна №15, Apriltsi, 5635
Number of rooms: 10

Villa Relax, ApriltsiVilla Relax   guest house
Mazalat Street, Ostrets Area, Apriltsi, 5650
Number of rooms: 1

Eco Rai Rekata, ApriltsiEco Rai Rekata   guest house
Rusaliyski Prohod 147, Apriltsi, 5641
Number of rooms: 3

Complex Balkandzhii, ApriltsiComplex Balkandzhii   guest house
Vidima, Apriltsi, 5641
Number of rooms: 6

Guest House Debrina, ApriltsiGuest House Debrina   guest house
12 Botev Vruh Street, Apriltsi, 5641
Number of rooms: 3

Карамановите къщи, ApriltsiКарамановите къщи   guest house
ул. Васил Левски 69, Apriltsi, 5641
Number of rooms: 9

Guest House Georgia, ApriltsiGuest House Georgia   guest house
Ostrets district, 33 Smolyan Str, Apriltsi, 5641
Number of rooms: 1

Вилно селище Паздерите, ApriltsiВилно селище Паздерите   guest house
кв. Острец, м. Паздерите ул. Паздерска 9, Apriltsi, 5641
Number of rooms: 5

Karashka house, ApriltsiKarashka house   guest house
GPS: 42°51’25.6" N 25°02’56.9" E Караците, 5462 Selishte, Gabrovo, Bulgaria, Apriltsi, 5462
Number of rooms: 3

Boomerang Guest House, ApriltsiBoomerang Guest House   guest house
Ul. Matevska 7, Apriltsi, 5641
Number of rooms: 1

Villa Trade А, ApriltsiVilla Trade А   guest house
Svinova Polyana, Apriltsi, 5641
Number of rooms: 2

Villa Eta, ApriltsiVilla Eta   guest house
Ul. Pavli Venkov 1, Apriltsi, 5641
Number of rooms: 1

Baba Stana Houses, ApriltsiBaba Stana Houses   complex
23 Helevska Str., Apriltsi, 5641
Number of rooms: 2

Guest House Tsvetina, ApriltsiGuest House Tsvetina   guest house
26 Kovashka Str., Apriltsi, 5650
Number of rooms: 1

Villa Verbena, ApriltsiVilla Verbena   Hotel 3 Stars
Zla reka, Apriltsi, 5641
Number of rooms: 9

Villa Lilia, ApriltsiVilla Lilia   guest house
43 Praskalska str., Apriltsi, 5641
Number of rooms: 8

Gabarite Holiday Village, ApriltsiGabarite Holiday Village   guest house
43 Praskalska Str., Apriltsi, 5641
Number of rooms: 5

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