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Zheravna Zheravna is a small village in the Municipality of Sliven and at the foot of Eastern Stara Planina (or The Balkan mountain range). The population is estimated to be not more than 500 residents who are predominantly occupied with welcoming tourists throughout the year. Zheravna is a popular destination for many Bulgarians who prefer quiet, clean places and would like to admire the century-old houses and the beautiful nature of the region. Zheravna also hosts the annual Festival of the national costume which is usually held in August. The famous Bulgarian writer Yordan Yovkov was born in Zheravna and his house has been turned into a museum, as well as few other houses in the village. Around 200 Zheravna houses are pronounced as culture monuments with few of them built more than 300 years ago. The terrain is hilly and there are numerous peculiar rocky formations, caves and springs. The name of the village most probably originates from the word "water-mill" as there were many water-mills in the region in the past. Zheravna is also famous for its taps using the abundance of springs in the area. Guest houses are typical for such tourist destinations. Most of Zheravna's ones have kept its appearance from few centuries ago but have been refreshed. Nowadays, they offer contemporary facilities that correspond to the requirements of the tourists. At the same time tourists will feel the domestic comfort and try Zheravna's cuisine. Several new guest houses were built in the recent years. Visitors of Zheravna could also enjoy horse riding.


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The Cafe of Dimcho Guesthouse, Zheravna
The Cafe of Dimcho Guesthouse   guest house
tel.: +359 882 259 484, +359 889 695 333, Zheravna

Guest House Polah Ot Minaloto, ZheravnaGuest House Polah Ot Minaloto   guest house
с.Жеравна Къща за гости Полъх от миналото Zheravna, Zheravna, 8988
Number of rooms: 3

Kenara Guest House, ZheravnaKenara Guest House   guest house
Zheravna, Zheravna, 8988
Number of rooms: 6

Къща за гости УЮТ с. Жеравна, ZheravnaКъща за гости УЮТ с. Жеравна   guest house
Село Жеравна, Zheravna, 8988
Number of rooms: 1

Къща за гости Песента на колелетата - Жеравна, ZheravnaКъща за гости Песента на колелетата - Жеравна   guest house
улица 289, Zheravna, 8988
Number of rooms: 1

Къщата на художника, ZheravnaКъщата на художника   guest house
с. Жеравна Къща за гости "Къщата на художника", Zheravna, 8988
Number of rooms: 6

Фильовата къща, ZheravnaФильовата къща   guest house
Жеравна, Zheravna
Number of rooms: 4

Къща за гости Никула Чорбаджи, ZheravnaКъща за гости Никула Чорбаджи   guest house
с. Жеравна, Zheravna
Number of rooms: 8

Guest House Zarkova Kushta, ZheravnaGuest House Zarkova Kushta   guest house
Zheravna village, House 106, Zheravna, 8988
Number of rooms: 9

Complex Staro Bardo, ZheravnaComplex Staro Bardo   Hotel 1 Star
Complex Staro Bardo, Zheravna, 8800
Number of rooms: 8

House of Bardo, ZheravnaHouse of Bardo   guest house
Zheravna village, Zheravna, 8988
Number of rooms: 6

Guest Houses "Zlatna Oresha - Complex", ZheravnaGuest Houses "Zlatna Oresha - Complex"   guest house
Zheravna, Zheravna, 8988
Number of rooms: 25

Yovina House Zheravna, ZheravnaYovina House Zheravna   guest house
59 Str., Zheravna, 8988
Number of rooms: 7