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VidinVidin is among the big Bulgarian towns on the bank of the Danube River. Apart from being a district centre, the town attracts quite a few tourists from Bulgaria and the neighboring countries. There is a ferryboat complex just outside the town that connects Bulgaria and Romania, and facilitates the economic and tourist development of the region. Despite its administrative status, Vidin does not offer many accommodations. The guests may choose mostly from small, cozy, 3-star hotels situated in the centre or near transportation spots like the central bus and train station. Rooms are comfortably furnished and have a cable/satellite TV, telephone, and very often extras such as air conditioner and Internet access. The plans for the future growth of Vidin and its development as a cultural and historical centre suggest the appearance of new hotels in different parts of the town. What brings tourists in Vidin is the medieval fortress Baba Vida on the river bank, which is among the 100 Tourist Sites of Bulgaria, as well as the town fortress and the numerous museums. You should not miss the former Ottoman town hall and the Krastata Kazarma. You will also find an enchanting deserted Synagogue. A walk in the riverside garden is something special as Vidin is famous for its parks and recreation centers. Several kilometers away from Vidin you can find villages like Bozhuritsa and Orlyaka which welcome tourists that seek tranquility and beautiful nature. As a district centre, Vidin is the biggest town in the region of the Belogradchik Rocks – one of the many world wonders of nature and acknowledged by the European Commission as a European Destination of Excellence. Tourists can combine a visit to one of the phenomenons in Bulgaria with a stay in one of the ancient and historically important Bulgarian towns.


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Mix Hotel, Vidin
Mix Hotel   Hotel 2 Stars
1, Geo Milev Str., tel.: +359 888 742054, +359 888 356431, Vidin

Fanti Hotel, VidinFanti Hotel   Hotel 2 Stars
28 Dunavska Str., Vidin, 3700
Number of rooms: 14

Mix Hotel, VidinMix Hotel   Hotel 2 Stars
1 Geo Milev str., Vidin, 3700
Number of rooms: 5

Hotel Neptun, VidinHotel Neptun   Hotel 3 Stars
8 Dunavska Str., Vidin, 3700
Number of rooms: 19

Hotel Ponti, VidinHotel Ponti   complex
75 ulitsa "Hristo Botev", Vidin, 3700
Number of rooms: 11

Family Hotel Avramov, VidinFamily Hotel Avramov   Hotel 3 Stars
Tsar Alexander Str. II, 63, Vidin, 3700
Number of rooms: 18

Modern Apartment in the Heart of Vidin, VidinModern Apartment in the Heart of Vidin   apartments
j.k. Georgi Benkovski 6 flat 9, Vidin, 3700
Number of rooms: 1

Europe Dunav Apartment, VidinEurope Dunav Apartment   apartments
ul. "Knyaz Aleksander Batenberg" 11, Vidin, 3700
Number of rooms: 2

Impuls hotel & SPA, VidinImpuls hotel & SPA   Hotel 3 Stars
5 Zheleznicharska Str., Vidin, 3700
Number of rooms: 17

Vival Hotel, VidinVival Hotel   Hotel 2 Stars
J.K. Bononia, block 6, Vidin, 3700
Number of rooms: 13

Stariya oreh pool & garden, VidinStariya oreh pool & garden   guest house
romil vidinski 100 romil vidinski 100, Vidin, 3700
Number of rooms: 4

Bononia Hotel, VidinBononia Hotel   Hotel 3 Stars
2 Bdin Str, Vidin, 3700
Number of rooms: 49

Rovno Hotel, VidinRovno Hotel   Hotel 3 Stars
70 Tzar Alexander II Str., Vidin, 3700
Number of rooms: 30

Hotel Impuls Palace, VidinHotel Impuls Palace   Hotel 2 Stars
Complex Impuls Palace, Yuzhna Promishlena Zona, Vidin, 3700
Number of rooms: 8

Хотел Старият град, VidinХотел Старият град   Hotel 1 Star
ulitsa "Knyaz Boris I" 2, Vidin, 3700
Number of rooms: 8

Eos Hotel, VidinEos Hotel   Hotel 3 Stars
64 Panonia bul., Vidin, 3700
Number of rooms: 11

Семеен хотел Анна-Кристина, VidinСемеен хотел Анна-Кристина   Hotel 3 Stars
2 Baba Vida Str., Vidin, 3700
Number of rooms: 21

Vida Family Hotel, VidinVida Family Hotel   Hotel 2 Stars
9 Tsar Ivan Stratsimir Str., Vidin, 3700
Number of rooms: 6

Motel Dilijans, VidinMotel Dilijans   Hotel 1 Star
Северна промишлена зона, 3701 Duty Free Zone, Vidin, Vidin, 3701
Number of rooms: 8

Hotel Dunav, VidinHotel Dunav   Hotel 3 Stars
3 Edelvays Str, Vidin, 3700
Number of rooms: 40

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