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Veliko TarnovoVeliko Tarnovo is one of the most beautiful and oldest cities in Bulgaria where the signs of the history are still visible. The Old Town, Tsarevets Hill, River Yantra and the numerous churches are one of the reasons for people to visit Veliko Tarnovo and come back to the city again and again. Veliko Tarnovo is referred to as the “City of the Tsars” due to its glorious history. The city’s guests have the advantage to choose from various types of accommodation but mainly prefer the small 3-star, family-run hotels and guest houses in the Old Town. Many young people prefer staying at the hospitable hostels in the centre. The greater part of the rooms and the apartments in the hotels bear the spirit of the time and you can feel the atmosphere of the Revival’s period of Bulgaria. Veliko Tarnovo attracts people who love the mountain and the quiet holiday, as well as ones that prefer noise, dancing and parties. Ideally for them, there are centrally located, independent apartments and modest 2-star hotels. The accommodations from a higher class are also situated in the city centre and offer designer furniture, sports and SPA centers, conference halls and business rooms. There are a lot of museums, monuments, galleries and cultural events in Veliko Tarnovo. Without a doubt, the “Sound & Light” Show is a unique annual event for both Bulgaria and Europe and is like a magnet for thousands of people. They also choose Veliko Tarnovo due to the opportunities for mountain, river and hunting tourism. The guests often combine their city trip with a visit to the nearby villages and natural landmarks – Arbanassi, Belyakovets, Velchevo, the Hotnitsa Waterfall, the Dryanovo Monastery and many others. There is a tendency for opening tourist complexes in the city’s surrounding areas.


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Hotel Akvaya
Hotel Akvaya   Hotel 3 Stars
40, Lyuben Karavelov Str., tel.: +359 62 620224, Veliko Tarnovo (Район: City centre)
Guest House Petra
Guest House Petra   guest house
23, Dondukov Str., tel.: +359 62 639850, +359 896 891197, Veliko Tarnovo (Район: City Centre)
Meridian Hotel Bolyarski
Meridian Hotel Bolyarski   Hotel 4 Stars
53A Stefan Stambolov Str., tel.: +359 62 613200, +359 884 704145, Veliko Tarnovo (Район: City Center)
Boutique Hotel Studio
Boutique Hotel Studio   Hotel 3 Stars
4, Todor Lefterov Str., tel.: +369 62 604010, +369 895 715 577, Veliko Tarnovo (Район: in the old quarter of Veliko Tarnovo)
Guest Rooms Tarnovski Dom
Guest Rooms Tarnovski Dom   Hotel 1 Star
38 Hristo Botev Str., tel.: +359 888 374554, +359 895 425568, Veliko Tarnovo (Район: close to the city centre)
Hotel Panorama
Hotel Panorama   Hotel 4 Stars
63, Stefan Stambolov Str., tel.: +359 62 602600, Veliko Tarnovo (Район: in the city center)
Premier HotelPremier Hotel   Hotel 4 Stars
1, Sava Penev Str., tel.: +359 62 615555, +359 886 056565, Veliko Tarnovo (Район: City centre)
Family Hotel Stambolov
Family Hotel Stambolov   guest house
27, Stefan Stambolov Str., tel.: +359 62 650082, Veliko Tarnovo (Район: in the old quarter of Veliko Tarnovo)
Hotel Boliari
Hotel Boliari   Hotel 3 Stars
2 Ivanka Boteva Str., tel.: +359 62 606002, Veliko Tarnovo (Район: in the old part of Veliko Tarnovo)
Hotel Assenevtsi
Hotel Assenevtsi   Hotel 1 Star
44, General Gurko Str., tel.: +359 882 445202, Veliko Tarnovo (Район: in the old part of Veliko Tarnovo)
Hotel Anhea
Hotel Anhea   Hotel 1 Star
32, Nezavisimost Str., tel.: +359 62 577713, +359 885 971313, Veliko Tarnovo (Район: close to the city centre)
Hotel Real
Hotel Real   Hotel 1 Star
2, Kolyo Gaytandzhiyata Str., tel.: +359 62690260, +359 879357575, Veliko Tarnovo (Район: in the town centre)
Tourist center Momina Krepost
Tourist center Momina Krepost   complex
Str., tel.: +359 62 635823, +359 62 623410, Veliko Tarnovo (Район: Ksilifor District)
Hotel Comfort
Hotel Comfort   Hotel 2 Stars
5, P. Tipografov Str., tel.: +359 62 628728, +359 885 628728, Veliko Tarnovo (Район: Kirkov Square)
Hotel Concorde
Hotel Concorde   Hotel 3 Stars
14 Tsanko Tserkovski Str., тел.: +359 62 602211, Veliko Tarnovo (Район: in central Veliko Tarnovo)
Hotel Trendy Inn
Hotel Trendy Inn   Hotel 2 Stars
3 Deseti Fevruari Str., tel.: +359 887 702911, Veliko Tarnovo (Район: in the old part of Veliko Tarnovo)
Grand Hotel Yantra
Grand Hotel Yantra   Hotel 4 Stars
2, Opalchenska Str., tel.: +359 62 600607, Veliko Tarnovo (Район: close to Tsarevets Hill)
Hotel Fotiadis
Hotel Fotiadis   Hotel 1 Star
20, Vastanicheska Str., tel.: +359 884 235122, Veliko Tarnovo (Район: in central Veliko Tarnovo)
Hotel Elena
Hotel Elena   Hotel 3 Stars
21B Bulgaria Blvd., tel.: +359 62 624103, Veliko Tarnovo (Район: close to central Veliko Tarnovo)
Hotel Lucky
Hotel Lucky   Hotel 2 Stars
3, Nikola Pikolo Str., tel.: +359 62 651224, +359 889 355088, Veliko Tarnovo (Район: in the old quarter of Veliko Tarnovo)
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