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VarnaVarna is the biggest Black sea city which is at the same time an attractive tourist and cultural centre, and a business seat. Luxury 3-star and 4-star hotels, as well as comfortable self-contained apartments in the city centre, the peripheral quarters and villa areas dominate among the accommodations in the beautiful city. There is also a 5-star splendor for the most fastidious clients. Varna is very close to some of the most popular resorts among Bulgarians and foreigners – St.St. Constantine and Helena, Sunny Day and Golden Sands where tourists can choose from various offers for all-inclusive holidays. Tourists may find a qualitative service in elegant, big hotels, family-held ones or guest houses for the whole family or group of friends. Despite being situated at the seaside and being a summer spot, Varna attracts visitors from the rest of the country throughout the year. The city is a host of many competitions and festivals, including Varna Summer Fest, Love Is Folly Festival, the International Ballet Competition and Summer Jazz Festival. In Varna, you can find the only dolphinarium on the Balkans. Hotels in the city offer all facilities for their guests who decide to enjoy the sea and seafood or those who want to combine their summer vacation with a cultural or business enterprise. There are hotels that belong to world hotel chains like Golden Tulip and Best Western which offer standards in the service. Varna has a strategic location that is defined mostly by the International Airport Varna and the port in the city.


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Hotel Dallas Residence
Hotel Dallas Residence   Hotel 5 Stars
Sveti Nikola Area, tel.: +359 52 300039, +359 52 300034, Varna (Район: in the outskirts of the city)
Hotel Panorama
Hotel Panorama   Hotel 4 Stars
31, Primorski Blvd., tel.: +359 52 687300, +359 52 626034, Varna (Район: in the centre of Varna)
Hotel Focus
Hotel Focus   Hotel 3 Stars
14, Dr. Miron Ignatiev Str., tel.: +35952334050, +359879004554, Varna (Район: Briz Quarter)
Hotel Victoria
Hotel Victoria   Hotel 3 Stars
6, Han Malamir Str., tel.: +359 52 660950, +359 889 660960, Varna (Район: city centre)
Grand Hotel London
Grand Hotel London   Hotel 5 Stars
3, Musala Str., tel.: +359 52 664100, Varna (Район: in the city centre)
Hotel Aqua
Hotel Aqua   Hotel 4 Stars
12, Devnya Str., tel.: +359 52 639090, Varna (Район: city centre)
Hotel Palitra
Hotel Palitra   Hotel 3 Stars
11, K. Doganov Str., tel.: +359 52 610055, +359 885 821 871, Varna (Район: City centre)
Boutique Hotel Splendid
Boutique Hotel Splendid   Hotel 3 Stars
30, Bratya Shkorpil Str., tel.: +359 52 681414, Varna (Район: City centre)
Hotel Gran IvanHotel Gran Ivan   Hotel 3 Stars
28, Ovcho Pole Str., tel.: +359 52 640351, Varna (Район: close to the city centre)
Alekta Hotel
Alekta Hotel   Hotel 3 Stars
tel.: +359 52 335040, +359 886 024023, Varna (Район: Sveti Nikola Area)
Caro AparthotelCaro Aparthotel   Hotel 3 Starsapart-hotel
6, Baba Rada Str., tel.: +359893048143, Varna (Район: in the centre of Varna)
Hotel City Mark
Hotel City Mark   Hotel 2 Stars
2, Frederik Shopin Str., tel.: +359 52 606022, Varna (Район: central Varna, Nezavisimost Square)
Hotel Capitol
Hotel Capitol   Hotel 4 Stars
40, Petko Karavelov Str., tel.: +359 52 688000, Varna (Район: in the centre of Varna)
Hotel Color
Hotel Color   Hotel 2 Stars
23A, Rali Mavridov Str., tel.: +359 52 608006, Varna (Район: near the city centre)
Hotel Caprice
Hotel Caprice   Hotel 3 Stars
2A, Parijka Komuna Str., tel.: +359 52 615168, +359 893 433225, Varna (Район: in the centre of Varna)
Hotel VenturaHotel Ventura   Hotel 3 Stars
16, Mara Taseva Str., tel.: +359 52 375106, Varna (Район: Asparuhovo District)
Hotel OrbitaHotel Orbita   Hotel 2 Stars
25, Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd., tel.: +359 52 612350, Varna (Район: in the centre of Varna)
Graffit Gallery HotelGraffit Gallery Hotel   Hotel 5 Stars
65, Knyaz Boris I Blvd., tel.: +359 52 989 900, Varna (Район: in central Varna)
Hotel DuchessHotel Duchess   Hotel 3 Stars
Primorski Park, tel.: +359 52 716644, Varna (Район: Saltanat Area)
Horizont Complex
Horizont Complex   Hotel 2 Starscomplex
100 m from the beach, tel.: +359 882 002 006, Varna (Район: Sea Garden)
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