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Stara ZagoraStara Zagora is one of the 27 district cities in Bulgaria. It is known with its straight streets and is often referred to as „the town of the linden-trees”. Apart from being on the leading administrative and economic centers in the country, Stara Zagora is also a well-known tourist destination. Here you can see the forum of the antique Roman town Augusta Trayana and visit the hotels and holiday centers of the balneo-resort Stara Zagora Mineral Baths which are located only 14 km from the city centre. Young people often visit Stara Zagora due to the Trakia University which can be found in the Student's Town Quarter located in the outskirts. Although the relief is not a mountain one, the area surrounding the city is very suitable for relaxing tourist walks and weekend get-aways. The mountains Sredna Gora and Sakar, as wells as the Chirpan Uplands, are very close to Stara Zagora. If you just want to have a city walk-around, you should visit the Zagorka Lake in the north-eastern part of Stara Zagora or The city park Ayazmoto. There are very good conditions for a break, activities or games with children. Just like any other big Bulgarian city, Stara Zagora has what to offer in terms of accommodation. There is one 5-star hotel and two 4-star hotels where guest are able to try the various services and amenities - SPA centers, exquisite restaurants and bars, perfect appliances for business tourism. The three hotels are large enough to welcome bigger groups. The standard 3-star hotels are located predominantly in Stara Zagora's central quarters. There are a few very distinguishable hotels offering interesting interior and extras. The hotels are scattered around „Geo Milev” Drama Theatre or the city Opera. If you visit Stara Zagora for a short period of time, you can always choose a hotel or a room near the Central Bus Station or the Central Train Station, as wells as close to the Trakia University.


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Park Hotel Stara Zagora
Park Hotel Stara Zagora   Hotel 5 Stars
50, Han Asparuh Str., tel.: +359 42 985 555, Stara Zagora (Район: Zagorka Lake)
Hotel EfirHotel Efir   Hotel 4 Stars
52 Hadji Dimitar Asenov Str., Stara Zagora (Район: City Center)
Hotel CityHotel City   Hotel 3 Stars
23, Patriarh Evtimiy Blvd., tel.: +359 42 230051, Stara Zagora (Район: Industrial Area)
Hotel & Restaurant Forum
Hotel & Restaurant Forum   Hotel 3 Stars
94 Hadji Dimitar Asenov Str., tel.: +359 42 631616, Stara Zagora (Район: City Center)
Hotel Merian PalaceHotel Merian Palace   Hotel 4 Stars
8 Ruski Blvd., Stara Zagora (Район: near City Center)
Hotel LaROKA
Hotel LaROKA   Hotel 2 Stars
38, Tsar Ivan Shishman Str., tel.: +359 42 919427, Stara Zagora (Район: central Stara Zagora)
Hotel UniqatoHotel Uniqato   Hotel 3 Stars
36 Sava Silov Str., Stara Zagora (Район: City Center)
Hotel EleganceHotel Elegance   Hotel 3 Stars
54 P. R. Slaveykov Str., Stara Zagora (Район: central Stara Zagora)
Hotel Tangra
Hotel Tangra   Hotel 3 Stars
80, Lyuben Karavelov Str., tel.: +359 42 600 901, Stara Zagora (Район: close to the National Opera in the city)
Hotel VereyaHotel Vereya   Hotel 4 Stars
100 Tsar Simeon Blvd., tel.: +359 42 919 373, Stara Zagora (Район: City Center)
Hotel Trayana
Hotel Trayana   Hotel 3 Stars
34, Parchevich Str., tel.: +359 42 615555, Stara Zagora (Район: in the centre of Stara Zagora)
Hotel Jack
Hotel Jack   Hotel 3 Stars
tel.: +359 888 703 718, +359 88 7365131, +359 88 6470143, Stara Zagora (Район: next to the Trakia University)
Hotel Ezeroto
Hotel Ezeroto   Hotel 3 Stars
60, Bratya Zhekovi Str., tel.: +359 42 600103, +359 879 545707, Stara Zagora (Район: 250 m from the Central Train Station)
Hotel ManiaHotel Mania   Hotel 3 Stars
46, Khan Tervel Str., tel.: +359 42 267858, Stara Zagora (Район: Samara-2 Quarter)
Hostel Eski ZaaraHostel Eski Zaara   hostel
56, Hristo Botev Str., Stara Zagora (Район: in the centre of Stara Zagora)
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