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SmolyanSmolyan is located in the Central Rhodopes and is built along the banks of Cherna River. Apart from being a district centre, the town is also a popular tourist and cultural destination. After the impetuous development of the winter resort Pamporovo now Smolyan registers an increase in its economic growth and the number of people willing to visit the town and its surroundings. Tourists can choose from many 3-star hotels and smaller family-held ones, which offer the desired conditions and facilities for an adequate holiday. The increasing number of guests from Bulgaria and abroad has led to an improvement of the accommodations in the town. Now many of the hotels and guest houses have modern conveniences, including Internet access (both wire and Wireless), digital TV stations, luxury bathrooms, fitness and sauna, as well as conference and banquet halls. You may also often find a restaurant in your hotel that offers traditional dishes from the region or international cuisine. Guest houses are not a popular type of accommodation in Smolyan but tourists may find self-contained apartments or rent a room in a family house. Hotels are mainly located in the broad centre or in Raikovo quarter. Some of the accommodations are listed in the outlying quarters of Smolyan or right outside the town, next to the main road. Generally, the number of hotels in Smolyan is constantly rising, also due to the many tourist sites near the Rhodopes town - the caves of Uhlovitsa and Radina, the popular rock called The Bride, the Smolyan waterfall and Smolyan lakes, the Bloody wall and many others. Besides the ski resort Pamporovo, Smolyan offers alternatives for mountain tourism and winter activities. There are a lot of eco-paths where visitors can enjoy the beauty of the Bulgarian nature. Smolyan also belongs to the 100 Tourist Sites of Bulgaria and is the home of one of the several astronomical observatories and planetariums in Bulgaria.


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Villa Rupcovoto
Villa Rupcovoto   guest house
Miko Ivanov Str., tel.: +359 886 344 487, Smolyan (Район: 3 km from Smolyan)
Petko Takova HousePetko Takova House   guest house
1, Momchil Yunak Str., Smolyan (Район: Ustovo Quarter)
The Lake Villa
The Lake Villa   guest house
60, Panorama Str., tel.: +359 888 580980, Smolyan (Район: Nevyasta Quarter)
Hotel Complex LuxorHotel Complex Luxor   Hotel 3 Starscomplex
51, Bulgaria Blvd., tel.: +359 988 909 119, Smolyan (Район: City centre)
Hotel Smilen
Hotel Smilen   Hotel 3 Stars
9, Shumkov Kamak Str., tel.: +359 899 996 035, Smolyan (Район: Ezerovo Quarter)
Eco Hotel MakrelovEco Hotel Makrelov   Hotel 3 Stars
14, Nikola Filipov Str., Smolyan (Район: Raykovo Quarter)
SPA Hotel Kiparis Alpha
SPA Hotel Kiparis Alpha   Hotel 4 Stars
3A, Bulgaria Blvd., tel: +359 301 64040, +359 888 790619, Smolyan (Район: in the centre of Smolyan)
Hotel Smolyan
Hotel Smolyan   Hotel 3 Stars
3, Bulgaria Blvd., tel.: +359 301 62019, +359 882 933365, Smolyan (Район: City centre)
Hotel CrystalHotel Crystal   Hotel 3 Stars
Main Road Smolyan-Pamporovo, tel.: +359 3016 8810, Smolyan (Район: at the entrance of Smolyan)
Hotel Riben Dar
Hotel Riben Dar   Hotel 2 Stars
16, Snezhanka Str., tel.: +359 301 63220, +359 887 631 063, Smolyan (Район: 800 m from the centre of Smolyan)
Family Hotel Uzunski
Family Hotel Uzunski   Hotel 3 Stars
12, Peyo Yavorov Str., тел.: +359 301 62626, +359 878 148668, Smolyan (Район: Nevyastata Quarter)
Guest House Sportna 17
Guest House Sportna 17   guest house
17 Sportna Str., tel.: +359 301 86892, Smolyan (Район: between the old and new center of Smolyan)
Guest House Sekvoia
Guest House Sekvoia   guest house
25, Studenets Str., tel.: +359 878 834 994, Smolyan (Район: Nevyastata Quarter)
Hotel Royal
Hotel Royal   Hotel 2 Stars
14, Nevyastata Quarter, tel.: +359 878 636 718, +359 878 636 555, Smolyan (Район: close to the centre of Smolyan)
Mountain Lake Hotel & SPA
Mountain Lake Hotel & SPA   Hotel 3 Starscomplex
tel.: +359 887001650, Smolyan (Район: in a close proximity to Smolyan Lakes)
Hotel Pearl LodgeHotel Pearl Lodge   Hotel 4 Stars
tel.: +359 301 54594, Smolyan (Район: near Smolyan Lakes)
Hotel MoniHotel Moni   Hotel 2 Stars
6 Perelik Str., Smolyan (Район: New Center Quarter)
Family Hotel NeviastaFamily Hotel Neviasta   Hotel 2 Stars
6, Panorama Str., tel.: +359 301 68025, Smolyan (Район: 3 km from the entrance of the city)
Hotel Starata Kyshta
Hotel Starata Kyshta   Hotel 2 Stars
67, Minyorska Str., tel.: +359 886 741 901, +359 884 931 934, Smolyan (Район: 2 km from the centre of Smolyan)
Hotel DikasHotel Dikas   Hotel 3 Stars
1A, Bulgaria Blvd., tel.: +359 301 86600, +359 887 271 760, Smolyan (Район: City Center)
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