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ShumenThere are 27 district cities in Bulgaria which are not only administrative but also cultural centres. The district of Shumen is located in the north-eastern part of the country, while the city is the tenth biggest one in Bulgaria. It is easily accessible because of the Hemus Highway and the railway line from Sofia to Varna. Shumen is just at the foot of the Shumen Plateau which is one of the favourite places for local people and guests. Namely, on the plateau, you can find the area called Kyoshkovete. However, the fortress is the most known and visited. It had played an important role during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. The plateau itself is a nature park today and people visit it for sport and tourism. Archeological work has shown that the region around Shumen had been inhabited since XII BC. Unquestionably, the most beautiful view to the city is from the Monument “The Creators of Bulgaria” which rises on the top of the hills above Shumen. One should not forget the closeness of Shumen to the popular historic monument “The Madara Rider”, as well as to two of the ancient capitals of Bulgaria – Pliska and Preslav. The cultural heritage, beautiful nature of the region and the short distance to the Black sea make Shumen visited throughout the year. Like in every other city, hotels predominate and you will hardly find a traditional guest house. Hotels are usually 3-star and are suitable for family breaks, business traveling or a conference tourism. Every hotel is distinguishable in style and facilities. It is easier to find a room or an apartment in the city centre than in the suburbs. If you would like to stay away from the urban noise, choose a hotel in the park area Kyoshkovete. Most of the hotels offer own restaurant or a tavern but there are also enough of them in the centre of Shumen. All hotels and accommodations work in every season but Shumen is most charming in the spring and summer months.


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Avenue Rooms
Avenue Rooms   Hotel 3 Stars
73, Tsar Osvoboditel Str., tel.: +359 888 083 355, Shumen (Район: in the centre of Shumen)
Art Hotel NirvanaArt Hotel Nirvana   Hotel 3 Stars
25, Nezavisimost Str., tel.: +359 54 800 127, +359 896 791 088, Shumen (Район: in the outskirts of Shumen)
Hotel CentralHotel Central   Hotel 3 Stars
8 Slavyanski Blvd., tel.: +359 54 983333, Shumen (Район: City Center)
Hotel Contessa
Hotel Contessa   Hotel 3 Stars
4, Chernorizets Hrabar Str., Shumen (Район: City centre)
Hotel & Restaurant Minaliat Vek
Hotel & Restaurant Minaliat Vek   Hotel 3 Stars
81, Simeon Veliki Blvd., tel.: +359 54 801615, +359 896 848518, Shumen (Район: in the old quarter of Shumen)
Grand Hotel Shumen
Grand Hotel Shumen   Hotel 4 Stars
1, Oborishte Str., tel.: +359 54 800003, +359 887 166 188, Shumen (Район: in the heart of the city)
Hotel Zamaka
Hotel Zamaka   Hotel 3 Stars
17, Vasil Levski Str., tel.: +359 54 800409, Shumen (Район: in the centre of Shumen)
Hotel & Restaurant Rimini ClubHotel & Restaurant Rimini Club   Hotel 3 Stars
2 Haralan Angelov Str., Shumen (Район: in the centre of Shumen)
Hotel Solo
Hotel Solo   Hotel 3 Stars
2, Panayot Volov Str., tel.: +359 54 981571, +359 895 792236 , Shumen (Район: close to the city centre)
Hotel Acktion Center
Hotel Acktion Center   Hotel 3 Stars
12, Vasil Drumev Str., Shumen (Район: in the centre of Shumen)
Hotel Rai
Hotel Rai   Hotel 3 Stars
26A, Ohrid Str., tel.: +359 54 802670, Shumen (Район: close to the National Park Shumensko Plato)
Neon Guest RoomsNeon Guest Rooms   Hotel 3 Stars
13A, Iliya R. Blaskov Str., Shumen (Район: in central Shumen)
Park Hotel KyoshkovePark Hotel Kyoshkove   Hotel 3 Stars
tel.: +359 899 989621, Shumen (Район: Forest Park Kyoshkove)
Hotel Orbita
Hotel Orbita   Hotel 2 Stars
tel.: +359 54 990 900, +359 899 957777, Shumen (Район: Forest Park Kyoshkove)
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