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RousseRousse is the biggest port city on the Bulgarian bank of Danube River, where there is the only connection with Romania through a bridge. Besides main economic and transit centre, the city attracts tourists due to its unique architecture of the massive buildings influenced by the Viennese. In order to enjoy the beauty and atmosphere of Rousse, visitors may accommodate in 2-star, 3-star or 4-star hotels. Notably, there is an increase in the offerings of self-contained apartments. In some of the hotels you can sense the influence of the architecture from the 19th century but, overall, accommodations correspond to the European and world standards by the offered facilities – wired Internet connection, air-conditioning, modern black and white electronic devices, etc. As Rousse is an attractive business and investment spot, the city is often visited by people who participate in conferences or seminars. This fact has defined the presences of up-to-date equipped conference rooms and business halls in many of the hotels. Accommodations in Rousse are usually centrally located or close to the river bank. Although the city does have a central location in the country, it is easily accessible from many parts of Bulgaria, and the sea resorts in North-East Bulgaria are only 3 hours away traveling by car. Guests of Rousse do not miss to walk along the central avenue, visit the park Lipnik, the TV tower, which is the tallest in the Balkans, or to escape from the noise of the big city by spending the day in the valley of the river Rusenski Lom full with picturesque landscapes. Rousse is also a part of the 100 Tourist Sites of Bulgaria.


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Lucky 7 - Comfort,Clean ,Cosy Apartment, RousseLucky 7 - Comfort,Clean ,Cosy Apartment   apartments
улица „Борисова“67 вх.1 ет.2 ап.7, Rousse, 7012
Number of rooms: 1

Iskar Apartment, RousseIskar Apartment   apartments
92, Alei Vazrajdane Street, Iskar Building, Entrance A, Floor 1, Rousse, 7000
Number of rooms: 1

Bulgarian Essential Experience, RousseBulgarian Essential Experience   apartments
39 Georgi Domitrov Pepilina, Dve Mogili, Rousse, 7178
Number of rooms: 1

Guest House Diron, RousseGuest House Diron   guest house
10A Konstantin Velichkov Str., Rousse, 7000
Number of rooms: 1

Студио Перла, RousseСтудио Перла   apartments
14 улица „Ямбол“, Rousse, 7001
Number of rooms: 1

Ivonass, RousseIvonass   apartments
21 Chiprovtsi Str.,Bl. Danz, Entr. 1 , Rousse, 7006
Number of rooms: 8

Intrigue Deluxe, RousseIntrigue Deluxe   apartments
44 булевард „Придунавски“ ап.12 ет.6, Rousse, 7000
Number of rooms: 1

Hotel Plaza Ruse, RousseHotel Plaza Ruse   Hotel 2 Stars
15 Bolyarska street, Rousse, 7000
Number of rooms: 4

Malavi Square top center apartment! Comfort&clean!, RousseMalavi Square top center apartment! Comfort&clean!   apartments
pl. "Sveta Troitza" ul. Simeon Veliki, Rousse, 7000
Number of rooms: 1

Angi apartament, RousseAngi apartament   apartments
67 улица „Борисова“, Rousse, 7012
Number of rooms: 1

habitat The River Apartment, Roussehabitat The River Apartment   apartments
11 ulitsa "Ilyu voyvoda", Rousse, 7002
Number of rooms: 1

City Art Botique Apartments, RousseCity Art Botique Apartments   apartments
18 Mostova street, Rousse, 7002
Number of rooms: 1

Malavi top center deluxe studio Ruse! Comfort&clean!, RousseMalavi top center deluxe studio Ruse! Comfort&clean!   apartments
ул. „Пирот“ 273 Str Pirot 27; entr. 3; floor1, Rousse, 7000
Number of rooms: 1

Студио Русе, RousseСтудио Русе   apartments
ул. „Васил Петлешков“ 13, Rousse, 7002
Number of rooms: 1

Sunis Apartment, RousseSunis Apartment   apartments
ул. „Борисова“ 67, Rousse, 7012
Number of rooms: 1

Hotel Belisimo, RousseHotel Belisimo   guest house
23 ulitsa "Kazanlak" Жк. Дружба, Rousse, 7001
Number of rooms: 10

New & Comfy Apartment, RousseNew & Comfy Apartment   apartments
улица „Пенчо Славейков“ №6, Rousse, 7000
Number of rooms: 1

VT lux -Rousse, RousseVT lux -Rousse   apartments
улица „Симеон Велики“ 10 ет 5, Rousse, 7000
Number of rooms: 1

Comfort Deluxe Flat, RousseComfort Deluxe Flat   apartments
улица Пенчо Славейков 6, Rousse, 7000
Number of rooms: 1

Apartment RELAX, RousseApartment RELAX   apartments
5 улица „Щип“, Rousse, 7002
Number of rooms: 1

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