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RavdaRavda is a seaside village with around 2,500 residents located 28 km north of Bourgas, between the towns Aheloy and Nessebar. The village has been developing each year and accommodates more and more tourists from Bulgaria and Europe-wide. In the last years many hotels were built in the areas next to the beaches around and now one could hardly tell where Ravda ends and where Nessebar starts. The transport is well organized with regular connections several times a day among Bourgas, Pomorie, Aheloy, Ravda, Nessebar and Sunny Beach. The Bourgas Airport is only 20 km south of Ravda. The village itself has always been a preferable destination for families with children, as well as groups of tourists. Ravda offers attractions and fun for both children and adults. There are a lot of shops, restaurants, bars, fast-food shops, entertainment facilities and water attractions. Aquapark Paradise is conveniently located between Ravda and Nessebar where tourists could spend a whole day. One of Ravda's advantages is the availability of all categories of accommodations. There are numerous rooms to let in private homes, guesthouses with well-equipped rooms, apart-hotels, 2-star, 2-star and 5-star hotels. Most of them are open during the period May-October. Tourists also find the easy and quick access to the beach line a great advantage. Some of them even prefer the houses and hotels directly to the beach. There are 3 beaches in Ravda – South, Central and the beach between Ravda and Nessebar. The more luxury hotels offer swimming pools and restaurants which some of the tourists prefer.


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Family Hotel Makao
Family Hotel Makao   Hotel 2 Stars
1, Neptun Str., tel.: +359 554 66415, +359 887 012209, Ravda (Район: 200 m from the centre of Ravda)
Emerald Beach Resort & SPAEmerald Beach Resort & SPA   Hotel 5 Starscomplex
61, Macedonia Str., tel.: +359 554 63 000, Ravda (Район: on the beach)
Hotel SunriseHotel Sunrise   Hotel 2 Stars
24, Hristo Botev Str., tel.: +359 878 122 433, Ravda (Район: central Ravda)
Hotel Krasi
Hotel Krasi   Hotel 3 Stars
40, Kraybrezhna Str., tel.: +359888279379, Ravda (Район: close to the south beach)
Summer House VanessaSummer House Vanessa   guest house
6, Hristo Botev Str., tel.: +359 898 430 420, Ravda (Район: in the central part of Ravda)
Rutland Beach AparthotelRutland Beach Aparthotel   Hotel 3 Starsapart-hotel
tel.: +359 554 44054, Ravda (Район: 600 m from the centre of Ravda)
Hotel PeterHotel Peter   Hotel 3 Stars
80 Morski zvuci Str., tel.: +359896655160, Ravda (Район: on the sea front)
The Sunrise ClubThe Sunrise Club   Hotel 3 Starsapart-hotel
tel.: +359 554 60630, Ravda (Район: in the outskirts of Ravda)
Guest House Ekaterina
Guest House Ekaterina   guest house
19 Makedonia Str., tel.: +359 884 052222, Ravda (Район: in the center of Ravda)
Hotel Bijou
Hotel Bijou   Hotel 3 Stars
52, Morski zvutsi Str., tel.: +359 554 66651, Ravda (Район: close to the centre of Ravda)
Guest House Sianie
Guest House Sianie   guest house
9, Izgrev Str., tel.: +359 554 66319, +359 878 641850, Ravda (Район: close to the centre of Radva)
Riviera Fort Beach Apartments
Riviera Fort Beach Apartments   Hotel 3 Starsapart-hotel
Lazur Str., tel.: +359 2 9317705, +359 886 779972, Ravda (Район: on the sea shore)
Hotel Lazur
Hotel Lazur   Hotel 2 Stars
12 Briz Str., tel.: +359 888 875134, Ravda (Район: 200 m from the beach and the centre of Ravda)
Hotel BohemiHotel Bohemi   Hotel 2 Stars
8, Svoboda Str., tel.: +359 896 642976, +359 896 642979, Ravda (Район: close to the centre of Radva)
Hotel Stella di Mare
Hotel Stella di Mare   Hotel 2 Stars
42, Kraybrezhna Str., tel.: +359 56 839303, +359 887 887911, Ravda (Район: close to the southern beach)
House Perla
House Perla   Hotel 2 Stars
2, Ivan Karasulski Str., tel.: +359885464646, Ravda (Район: 400 m from the beach)
Radina Hotel
Radina Hotel   Hotel 2 Stars
14, Strandzha Str., tel.: +359 888 609520, Ravda (Район: 50 m from the main street in Ravda)
Guest House Red House
Guest House Red House   guest house
8 Apostol Voyvoda Str., tel.: +359 895 767 752, +359 895 555 888, Ravda (Район: behind the post office in Ravda)
Guest House RioGuest House Rio   guest house
12, Yantra Str., tel.: +359 877 585 499, Ravda (Район: 300 m from the central beach)
Hotel SofiaHotel Sofia   Hotel 2 Stars
tel.: +359 554 60602, Nessebar (Район: between Ravda and Nessebar)
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