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PrimorskoPrimorsko is among the bigger towns southwards from the district centre Bourgas. It is located on a small peninsula where the hills of Strandja Mountain meet the Black Sea coast. The discovered ancient ruins in the region bespeak for the rapid life and culture development of the area in the past centuries. Today tourists may visit the sanctuary of the ancient town Ranuli. There are a lot of accommodations in Primorsko that vary in category and location - from the typical for the Black Sea towns family hotels to luxury hotels and holiday complexes. They all are scattered around the town and its outskirts. The bigger accommodations are usually build next to the sea coast. The hospitality of the residents in Primorsko is well-known and tourists will feel like home in the family hotels and guest houses. Most of that type accommodations have own restaurant or bistro and are located in the very centre or at a walking distance to it. In order to keep you connected with the rest of the world, the hosts provide Internet services either in the lobby, or in each room and apartment. The 3-star hotels in Primorsko offer very good conditions for the organization of a conference or business seminar. Accommodations of a higher class are usually located just outside the town where guests could combine the tranquility and privacy with luxury services like SPA, big swimming pools, entertainment for children, safari tours. Primorsko attracts tourists from Bulgaria and abroad with its history, beautiful beaches and nature reserves Ropotamo and Arkutino, as well as with romantic tours with a boat on the Devil River. Primorsko is also very popular with its International Youth Center where thousands of young people gather with the purpose of development of various projects while enjoying the beautiful Bulgarian seaside.


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Aparthotel Prestige City II
Aparthotel Prestige City II   Hotel 3 Starsapart-hotel
tel.: +359 886 317 886, +359 886 108 502, Primorsko (Район: Pyasaka Area close to Dyavolska River)
Guest House PetkoviGuest House Petkovi   guest house
74 Ropotamo Str., tel.: +359 550 32370, Primorsko (Район: 10 minutes from the beach)
Hotel SunriseHotel Sunrise   Hotel 4 Stars
92 Treti Mart Str., Primorsko (Район: 100 m away from the aquapark)
Hotel Sveti Dimitar
Hotel Sveti Dimitar   Hotel 3 Stars
25, Iglika Str., tel.: +359 550 32708, Primorsko (Район: 500 m from the centre of Primorsko)
Hotel Plovdiv
Hotel Plovdiv   Hotel 2 Stars
9, Briz Str., tel.: +359 550 32372, +359 887 422 672, Primorsko (Район: close to the northern beach)
Hotel Amfibia
Hotel Amfibia   Hotel 3 Stars
Briz Str., tel.: +359 899 899 001, +359 899 899 003, Primorsko (Район: Town Center)
Hotel Dara
Hotel Dara   Hotel 3 Stars
tel.: +359 888 617 266, +359 886 086 178, Primorsko (Район: 150 m from the northern beach)
Guest House Pri ValyoGuest House Pri Valyo   guest house
23, Edelvais Str., tel.: +359889007406, Primorsko (Район: close to the centre)
Hotel Char
Hotel Char   Hotel 2 Stars
tel.: +359 550 30018, +359 888 350468, Primorsko (Район: close to International Youth Center Primorsko)
Guest House Ranuli
Guest House Ranuli   guest house
14, Rezvaya Str., tel.: тел.: +359 550 333 38; +359 885 472 226, Primorsko (Район: at the entrance of Primorsko)
Perla Sun Park HotelPerla Sun Park Hotel   Hotel 4 Stars
tel.: +359 2 9630060, Primorsko (Район: on the South beach)
Hotel NadiaHotel Nadia   Hotel 3 Stars
3 Opalchenska Str., Primorsko (Район: in a close proximity to central Primorsko)
Hotel DayanaHotel Dayana   Hotel 2 Stars
17A, Cherno More Str., tel.: +359 899 197 151, Primorsko (Район: close to the South beach)
Guest House Primorski Briz
Guest House Primorski Briz   guest house
7A, Lyulyak Str., tel.: +359 889 791 906, Primorsko (Район: close to the bus station)
Hotel Plamena Palace
Hotel Plamena Palace   Hotel 4 Stars
13, Oasis Str., tel.: +359 886 188 144, Primorsko (Район: 200 m from the North beach)
Hotel Golden Lion
Hotel Golden Lion   Hotel 2 Stars
21, Georgi Kondolov Str., tel.: +359 550 78600, Primorsko (Район: 100 m from the North beach)
Hotel Venecia
Hotel Venecia   Hotel 2 Stars
40, Iglika Str., tel.: +359 888 734 403, Primorsko (Район: 100 m from the North beach)
Hotel Perla PlazaHotel Perla Plaza   Hotel 3 Stars
19, Georgi Kondolov Str., tel.: +359 2 9630060, Primorsko (Район: very close to the North beach)
Hotel Neven
Hotel Neven   Hotel 2 Stars
1, Lotos Str., tel.: +359 899 877 074, Primorsko (Район: 300 m from the northern beach)
Hotel Penelope
Hotel Penelope   Hotel 3 Stars
15, Neptun Str., tel.: +359 897 246 469, +359 887 414 569, Primorsko (Район: in the northern part of Primorsko)
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