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PomoriePomorie is located in the Southeastern Bulgaria, on the territory of Burgas Municipality, as well as very close to the historic town of Nessebar. The contemporary town of Pomorie is built on a narrow and rocky peninsula, carving the sea in 3,5 km. Pomorie is the third largest municipality centre after Varna and Burgas. The town is surrounded by water to the south, east and northeast. The north end of the town neighbours with Lake Pomorie. Burgas is located only 10 km south of Pomorie, while Nessebar is located around 18 km from it. Pomorie is visited not only during the summer months for its beaches but also during the rest of the year. Its location lies on the second biggest bird migration route in Europe – Via Pontica. Flora and fauna admirers can witness the thousands of migrating birds coming from Northern, Eastern and Central Europe. There are as many as 269 bird species, rare plants, fish, amphibians and mammals registered for the territory of Lake Pomorie. The town itself was founded with the name Anchialo in the end of the 5th century BC. Most of its inhabitants were Thracian. Pomorie was one of the most strategically important populated areas in the far past. An ancient Thracian dome tomb Heroon was discovered on the outskirts of Pomorie. It attracts tourists and historians in the area. Besides the traditional livelihood of the local population - viticulture, wine, salt and fishing, tourism and SPA occupy a growing share of the economy of the town. All of it makes Pomorie one of the most diverse Black Sea resorts. Tourists can find a variety of accommodations in the area - from the cheap private homes to ultra exclusive holiday complexes. There are a few 5-star hotels in Pomorie which offer a variety of services and entertainments. They are primarily built few meters from the beach and are preferred by families with children or for romantic getaways. The 5-star hotels offer luxury rooms and apartments, restaurants and bars, child-care and 24-hour attendance. Naturally, the family guest-houses, 3-star and 2-star hotels remain the most preferable. Among the hotels in Pomorie, 3-star hotels have the greatest share. Some of them has outdoor swimming-pools, their own restaurants or bistros, as well as additional paid services. Guests can often receive an assistance if traveling around or when renting a boat. Private homes and guesthouses offer cheaper lodging. However, the rooms have been renovated in the recent years and are suitable even for families with young children.


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Stemak Hotel
Stemak Hotel   Hotel 3 Stars
148, Knyaz Boris I Str., tel.: +359 878 899 591, Pomorie (Район: 50 m from the south beach)
The family hotel offers rooms and suites with a different number of beds. Some of the rooms have a balcony overlooking the sea. Hotel Stemak also has a restaurant with a variety of specialties from the Bulgarian cuisine.
Guest House The Sunflowers
Guest House The Sunflowers   guest house
32, Angel Kanchev, tel.: +359 596 34338, +359 897 658069, Pomorie (Район: 5 minutes from the south beach)
Hotel Sunset ResortHotel Sunset Resort   Hotel 5 Stars
219, Knyaz Boris I Str., Pomorie (Район: on the south beach)
Hotel Marina Holiday ClubHotel Marina Holiday Club   Hotel 4 Stars
tel.: +359 885 151 569, Pomorie (Район: at the entrance of Pomorie)
Hotel St. GeorgeHotel St. George   Hotel 4 Stars
15, P. K. Yavorov Str., tel.: +359 596 24411, Pomorie (Район: in the old part of Pomorie)
Complex At The Americans
Complex At The Americans   Hotel 3 Stars
9, Knyaz Boris I Str., tel.: +359 887 246514, Pomorie (Район: on the very sea shore)
Hotel Zeus
Hotel Zeus   Hotel 3 Stars
9, Rakovski Str., tel.: + 359 888 866174, Pomorie (Район: 300 m from the Central beach)
Hotel White SailsHotel White Sails   apart-hotel
tel.: +359 888 550 600, Pomorie (Район: at the sea shore, outside Pomorie Town)
Guest House CaliforniaGuest House California   guest house
26A, Alexander Batenberg Str., tel.: +359899820855, Pomorie (Район: 50 m from the beach)
Paradise HotelParadise Hotel   Hotel 3 Stars
1, Aleko Konstantinov Str., tel.: +359 596 22224, Pomorie (Район: in the old part of Pomorie)
Hotel Sofia
Hotel Sofia   Hotel 3 Stars
8, Han Krum Str., tel.: +359 887 508 800, +359 888 707 829, Pomorie (Район: in the old part of Pomorie)
Via Pontica ResortVia Pontica Resort   Hotel 5 Stars
tel.: +359 596 29600, Pomorie (Район: in the outskirts of Pomorie, next to the beach)
Evi Apartments 2Evi Apartments 2   apart-hotel
25, Solna Str., tel.: +359 899 140526, Pomorie (Район: 100 m from the bus station)
Evi Apartments 1Evi Apartments 1   apart-hotel
26, Morska Str., Pomorie (Район: next to the southern beach)
Viva Beach Hotel
Viva Beach Hotel   Hotel 3 Stars
150, Knyaz Boris I Str., tel.: +359 596 32664, +359 887 207770, Pomorie (Район: 50 m from the south beach)
The hotel was opened in 2006 and has been operating throughout the year. It is situated just 50 m from the southern beach in the town of Pomorie, close to the 5-star holiday complexes Festa Pomorie Resort and Sunset Resort.
Interhotel Pomorie
Interhotel Pomorie   Hotel 3 Stars
3, Peyo Yavorov Str., tel.: +359 596 22440, +359 596 22450, Pomorie (Район: on the sea shore)
Guest House Trakietz
Guest House Trakietz   guest house
94 Knyaz Boris Str., Pomorie (Район: in the center of the Old Pomorie)
Kostandara House
Kostandara House   Hotel 2 Stars
3, Stara Planina Str., tel.: +359 596 25987, +359 888 460142, Pomorie (Район: in the old part of Pomorie)
Apart Complex Penelope Palace
Apart Complex Penelope Palace   Hotel 4 Starsapart-hotel
3, Chayka Str., tel.: +359 876 829 980, Pomorie (Район: next to the beach)
Hotel Sunny Bay
Hotel Sunny Bay   Hotel 3 Stars
27, Kraybrezhna Str., tel.: +359 885 776666, Pomorie (Район: next to the beach)
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