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PlovdivPlovdiv is one of the biggest cities in Bulgaria and attracts both tourists and business oriented people. The accommodations can satisfy every taste and preferences – there are luxury and boutique hotels, as well as self-contained apartments and hostels. In the city centre 3-star hotels dominate, as well as more luxury categories which are suitable for business trips or cultural tourism. Guests of Plovdiv who look for independence and isolation may choose from apartments in the city centre and the suburbs. Plovdiv enjoys an authentic atmosphere due to the mixture of contemporary style and authenticity. The Old Plovdiv is among the most attractive places in the city where there are neat guest houses and boutique hotels offering specialized services. Accommodations in Old Plovdiv may transfer you through the past centuries and contribute to your holiday away from the noise of the big city. In the latest decade, Plovdiv has turned into an important, strategic business centre both for Bulgaria and the Balkan countries. The International Fair Plovdiv gathers entrepreneurs and visitors from all over the world which has led to an increase in the accommodations and the facilities they offer. Many of the tourists choose to stay briefly in Plovdiv on their way to the near natural, historical sites and balneo-resorts – rivers Maritsa, Vucha and Chepinska; the living museums towns Koprivshtitsa and Batak; the SPA centres Velingrad and Hisarya.


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Hotel BLVD7
Hotel BLVD7   Hotel 3 Stars
7 Bulgaria Blvd., tel.: +359877211155 , Plovdiv (Район: near the International Fair centre)
Hotel Trakia
Hotel Trakia   Hotel 2 Stars
84, Ivan Vazov Str., tel.: +359 32 622 355, +359 899 682 266, Plovdiv (Район: City centre)
Hotel Iris
Hotel Iris   Hotel 1 Star
93, Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd., tel.: +359 897 931202, Plovdiv (Район: Izgrev Insustrial zone)
Hotel Trakart Residence
Hotel Trakart Residence   Hotel 3 Stars
13B, Pop Zlatan Street, tel.: +359 882869080, +359 32 579758, Plovdiv (Район: Karshiaka District)
Belle Ville HotelBelle Ville Hotel   Hotel 3 Stars
24-26, P.R. Slaveykov Str., tel.: +359 32 623931, Plovdiv (Район: in the centre of the Old town)
City Hotel PlovdivCity Hotel Plovdiv   Hotel 3 Stars
3, Vladaya Str., tel.: +359 32 629 783, Plovdiv (Район: 750 m from the International Fair Plovdiv)
Trakiyski Stan ResidenceTrakiyski Stan Residence   Hotel 2 Stars
5, Paldin Str., tel.: +359 882 933507, +359 882 933552, Plovdiv (Район: Old Plovdiv)
Park Hotel Plovdiv
Park Hotel Plovdiv   Hotel 3 Stars
38, Sankt Peterburg Blvd., tel.: +359 32 811856, Plovdiv (Район: in Lauta Park)
Hotel Nicol
Hotel Nicol   Hotel 3 Stars
144, Bulgaria Blvd., tel.: +359 32 969626, Plovdiv (Район: Karshiyaka District)
East Gate Guest Rooms
East Gate Guest Rooms   guest house
2, Maragidik Str., tel.: +359 895 530390, Plovdiv (Район: just below the Old Town)
Apart Hotel Bright House
Apart Hotel Bright House   Hotel 3 Starsapart-hotel
21, Georgi Benkovski Str., тел.: +359 32 650800, Plovdiv (Район: Kapana District, close to the Old Town)
Hotel Globus
Hotel Globus   Hotel 3 Stars
38, 6th Septemvri Blvd., tel.: +359 32 686484, Plovdiv (Район: close to central Plovdiv)
Park Hotel Sankt Peterburg
Park Hotel Sankt Peterburg   Hotel 4 Stars
97, Bulgaria Blvd., tel.: +359 329103, Plovdiv (Район: City centre)
Star Hotel
Star Hotel   Hotel 3 Stars
13, Patriarh Evtimiy Str., tel.: +359 32 633599, Plovdiv (Район: central Plovdiv)
Hotel Leipzig
Hotel Leipzig   Hotel 4 Stars
70, Ruski Blvd., tel.: +359 32 654 000, Plovdiv (Район: close to the central bus and railway station)
Hotel Avion
Hotel Avion   Hotel 3 Stars
15, Han Presian Str., Plovdiv (Район: close to the International Fair Plovdiv, Karshiyaka District)
Apartments Beikars
Apartments Beikars   apartments
tel.: +359 894 716 849, Plovdiv (Район: close to the International Fair Plovdiv and Novotel Plovdiv)
Hotel Elite Palace
Hotel Elite Palace   Hotel 3 Stars
53, Rayko Daskalov Str., tel.: +359 32 624537, Plovdiv (Район: in the city centre)
Hotel Expo
Hotel Expo   Hotel 3 Stars
38, Ruski Blvd., tel.: +359 32 631 133, +359 887 146 614, Plovdiv (Район: close to the International Fair Plovdiv)
Hotel Rusalka
Hotel Rusalka   Hotel 3 Stars
194A, Dunav Blvd., tel.: +359 32 969610, Plovdiv (Район: close to the International Fair Plovdiv)
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