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PamporovoPamporovo is one of the oldest and among the most popular winter resorts in Bulgaria. It is located at the foot of Mount Snejanka and in the Central Rhodopes. The place is known for its mild climate and the great number of sunny days. As a fast-growing ski resort, Pamporovo shelters big 4-star hotels, complexes, apart-hotels and smaller 3-star hotels. Most of the accommodations offer wooden, alpine-like construction and a combination between a contemporary design and modern technologies. As hotels are mostly visited during the winter season, guests are offered local heating systems, high-speed wired and wireless Internet connection, SPA procedures, restaurants, bars and disco clubs. Tourists may use one of the many ski wardrobes that can be found in hotels and ski centres, as well as transfers to the ski lifts and slopes. The total length of the slopes in Pamporovo is around 30 kilometres and their difficulty varies – from slopes for beginners to ones for the most experienced skiers and snowboarders. The proximity to the district centre Smolyan is a convenience for Pamporovo’s visitors due to the many shops, public hauses, restaurants and bank offices that are only 15 kilometres away from the resort. Although the winter is the strongest season in Pamporovo in terms of tourist crowds, hotels in the resort are open throughout the year and are suitable for a summer vacation in the mountains. There are a lot of tourist tracks and beautiful nature sites near Pamporovo. Among the most famous are the caves of Uhlovitsa and Radina, the waterfall and lakes in the outskirts of Smolyan, a rock called The Bride, etc. Many of the guests of Pamporovo do not miss to visit the Astronomical Observatory and the Planetarium in Smolyan.


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Hotel CООР Rozhen
Hotel CООР Rozhen   Hotel 3 Stars
tel.: +359 877 321 140, Pamporovo (Район: in the center of the ski resort)
Residence & Cottages Malina
Residence & Cottages Malina   Hotel 3 Stars
tel: +359 888 137 007; +359 879 148 881, Pamporovo (Район: close to ski trail Dvata Mosta-Snejanka)
The Stream Resort Aparthotel
The Stream Resort Aparthotel   Hotel 3 Starsapart-hotel
tel.: +359 886 114 450, Pamporovo (Район: close to the ski slopes)
Aparthotel & SPA Forest Nook
Aparthotel & SPA Forest Nook   Hotel 3 Starsapart-hotel
tel.: +359 879 501553, +359 876 676 195, Pamporovo (Район: by the main road in Pamporovo)
Kamelia Pamporovo Resort
Kamelia Pamporovo Resort   Hotel 4 Starsapart-hotel
tel.: +359 885 701 703, Pamporovo (Район: 5 min away from the seat lift Snejanka)
Hotel Prespa
Hotel Prespa   Hotel 3 Stars
tel.: +359 885 404 606, Pamporovo (Район: in the centre of Pamporovo)
Hotel Finlandia
Hotel Finlandia   Hotel 4 Stars
tel.: +359 3095 8367, Pamporovo (Район: 800 m away from the ski slopes)
Apart Hotel IcebergApart Hotel Iceberg   Hotel 3 Starsapart-hotel
tel.: +359 309 91888, +359 32 969486, Pamporovo (Район: next to the primary lift station)
Hotel BelmontHotel Belmont   Hotel 4 Stars
tel.: +359 3095 8228, Pamporovo (Район: 1 km from the ski slopes)
Dafovska Hotel
Dafovska Hotel   Hotel 3 Stars
tel.: +359 309 59721, Pamporovo (Район: close to the ski slopes)
Spider’s HouseSpider’s House   apart-hotel
tel.: +359 886 889 975, Pamporovo (Район: ski-platform Studenets)
Grand Monastery Complex
Grand Monastery Complex   Hotel 4 Starsapart-hotel
tel.: +359 309 58838, +359 877 618 020, Pamporovo (Район: Karamandzha Area)
Perelik HotelPerelik Hotel   Hotel 3 Stars
tel.: +359 700 17702, +359 882 886 447, Pamporovo (Район: in the centre of Pamporovo)
Apart Hotel Nevada
Apart Hotel Nevada   Hotel 2 Starsapart-hotel
tel.: +359 309 58988, Pamporovo (Район: meters away from the ski slopes and the lift station)
Murgavets Grand HotelMurgavets Grand Hotel   Hotel 4 Stars
tel.: +359 309 58310, +359 309 58366, Pamporovo (Район: in the central part of Pamporovo)
Family Hotel MarkonyFamily Hotel Markony   Hotel 3 Stars
tel.: +359 309 58531, Pamporovo (Район: Malina Area)
Iva & Elena Hotel
Iva & Elena Hotel   Hotel 3 Stars
tel.: +359 877 335633, Pamporovo (Район: ski-platform Studenets)
Laplandia Apartment ComplexLaplandia Apartment Complex   Hotel 3 Starsapart-hotel
tel.: +359 309 58130, Pamporovo (Район: 200 m from the lift station Studenets)
Complex The CastleComplex The Castle   Hotel 3 Starscomplex
tel.: +359 888 491425, Pamporovo (Район: next to a ski slope)
Amampuri Village PamporovoAmampuri Village Pamporovo   complex
tel.: +359 878 599 300, Pamporovo (Район: 4 km south-eastern of Pamporovo on the way to Levochevo)
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