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NessebarNessebar is one of the most popular summer destinations in Bulgaria which has a statute of an international tourist center. The town is one of the places in the country that has an old district. The Old Nessebar ranks the town among UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Tourists that have decided to spend their summer vacation in Nessebar, have a great choice of accommodation categories. The largest number of beds is offered by landlords in family houses which are scattered around the whole town and have various facilities. The cheapest option includes a bed in a room without additional conveniences, while many rooms have facilities like air-conditioning, terrace and refrigerator. Two-star and 3-star hotels in Nessebar also represent a considerable part of the accommodations in the town. Most of them are many-storeyed buildings transformed into comfortable and cozy hotels suitable for families with children or young couples. Staying in the Old Nessebar is preferred by many guests and they can find modest rooms, as well as luxury boutique hotels like Trinity Sea Residence. The town has been growing in the last years and that has led to the opening of small and bigger family hotels and holiday complexes in its surroundings. Many of Nessebar’s visitors come to the town also due to its proximity to the district centre Bourgas, the cosmopolitan resort Sunny Beach and smaller places like Ravda and Pomorie. As a part of the southern Black Sea coast, Nessebar offers a wonderful climate and warm beaches that has turned the town into a preferable destination from the end of May until the end of September. Besides the excellent holiday conditions, Nessebar attracts tourists with its cultural events, including the annual festival Messembria.


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Hotel Eliri
Hotel Eliri   Hotel 3 Stars
Ivan Vazov Str., tel.: +359 885 571020, Nessebar (Район: in the suburbs of Nessebar, on the way to Ravda)
Hotel Dreams
Hotel Dreams   Hotel 2 Stars
29A, G.S. Rakovski Str., Nessebar (Район: in the centre of Nessebar)
Hotel Vigo
Hotel Vigo   Hotel 4 Stars
9, Ivan Vazov Str., tel.: +359 886 606 618, Nessebar (Район: in the New town of Nessebar)
Trinity Sea Residence
Trinity Sea Residence   Hotel 4 Stars
8, Venera Str., tel.: +359 554 46600, Nessebar (Район: in the centre of Old Nessebar)
Hotel Marieta Palace
Hotel Marieta Palace   Hotel 4 Stars
15, Lyuben Karavelov Str., tel.: +359 554 44111, Nessebar (Район: Town centre)
Hotel Saint Sofia
Hotel Saint Sofia   Hotel 3 Stars
24b, Kraybrezhna Str., tel.: +359 886 911 678, Nessebar (Район: in the Old Town of Nessebar)
Boutique Hotel St. Stefan
Boutique Hotel St. Stefan   Hotel 3 Stars
11, Ribarska Str., tel.: +359 554 43603, Nessebar (Район: Old Nessebar)
Hotel Marina Palace
Hotel Marina Palace   Hotel 4 Stars
7, Ivan Vazov Str., tel.: +359 554 20600, Nessebar (Район: in the New town of Nessebar)
Tashkov Guest Rooms
Tashkov Guest Rooms   Hotel 2 Stars
37, G.S. Rakovski Str., tel.: +359 5544 5133, +359 889 672915, Nessebar (Район: in the New town)
Hotel Kamenec
Hotel Kamenec   Hotel 3 Stars
88, Mladost Str., tel.: +359 882 561 111, Nessebar (Район: in the modern part of Nessebar)
Hotel Italia
Hotel Italia   Hotel 3 Stars
19, Kiril i Metodiy Str., tel.: +359 554 43746, Nessebar (Район: in the new part of Nessebar)
Festa Panorama Hotel
Festa Panorama Hotel   Hotel 4 Stars
Han Krum Str., tel.: +359 554 29700, Nessebar (Район: 150 m from the beach)
Family Hotel Orfei
Family Hotel Orfei   Hotel 2 Stars
13, Kiril and Metodiy Str., tel.: +359 554 44701, Nessebar (Район: close to the centre of the New town)
Nessebar Royal Palace
Nessebar Royal Palace   Hotel 3 Stars
19A, Mitropolitska Str., Nessebar (Район: Old Nessebar)
Hotel St. Nikola
Hotel St. Nikola   Hotel 3 Stars
2, Zhana Chimbuleva Str., tel.: +359 554 46688, +359 889 654 642, Nessebar (Район: at the entrance of Old Nessebar)
Villa Krastev
Villa Krastev   Hotel 2 Stars
1, Pliska Str., tel.: +359 88 8 668 140, Nessebar (Район: in the New town of Nessebar)
Hotel Dalia
Hotel Dalia   Hotel 2 Stars
Aurelia Area, tel.: +359 554 60680, +359 888 662038, Nessebar (Район: between Nessebar and Ravda)
Family Hotel & Restaurant Stankoff
Family Hotel & Restaurant Stankoff   Hotel 3 Stars
tel.: +359 554 44495, Nessebar (Район: in the Old Nessebar)
Hotel Arsena
Hotel Arsena   Hotel 4 Stars
tel.: +359 554 46610, Nessebar (Район: South beach)
Hotel Del MarHotel Del Mar   Hotel 3 Stars
Nessebar Str., tel.: +359 898 572 080, Nessebar (Район: 700 m from Nessebar on the way to Sunny Beach)
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