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Glozhene MonasteryThe Glozhene Monastery “Sveti Georgi Pobedonosets” is located on the hills above Glozhene Village, Teteven Municipality. The monastery is one of the most beautiful monasteries in Bulgaria and its location offers an impressive panoramic view to the valley of Vit River and the hills around. Teteven is located 12 km east of the Glozhene Monastery and the district city of Lovech is 60 km away. The monastery was built in the beginning of the 13th century and had been reconstructed many times in the following decades. According to legends, the monastery was built by a Ukranian knyaz called Georgi Glozh, where the name of the village Glozhene came from. Nowadys, the Glozhene Monastery is a Bulgarian culture monument with monks permanently living there. The site is accessible via a narrow asphalt road after the village of Malak Izvor. There are no accommodations right next to the monastery but visitors could stay at the hotels and guest houses in Teteven, Cherni Vit Village and Yablanista. They offer rooms and apartments, as well as full accommodation of houses for bigger groups. The average distance to the Glozhene Monastery would be 10 km.

List of hotels and accommodations close to Glozhene Monastery, Bulgaria. Distances are approximate and “as the crow flies”.List of hotels and accommodations
Olymp Hotel
Olymp Hotel   Hotel 4 Stars
33, Treti Mart Str., tel.: +359 878886402 (10.7 km southeast of Glozhene Monastery)
Hotel VitHotel Vit   Hotel 2 Stars
2, Mihal Koychev Str., tel.: +359 67852034, +359 888 486840 (10.9 km southeast of Glozhene Monastery)