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Belogradchik RocksThe Belogradchik Rocks is a natural phenomenon that formed around 230 million years ago after a tectonic activity, erosion and other processes. The rock formations have spread over a 30-kilometer area and some of the rocks reach 200 m in height. This stunning complex is one of the 100 Tourist Sites of Bulgaria. The Belogradchik Rocks were also included in the competition for the new 7 Wonders of the World. Tourists can notice the rocks while still approaching Belogradchik Town. They were used as a natural fortress wall for many centuries. The Belogradchik fortress called “Kaleto” is one of the most preserved ones in Bulgaria and was declared a cultural heritage. The rocks are separated in several groups and each one consists of magnificent and amazing formations. Among the most famous ones are the Madonna, Adam and Eve, the Schoolgirl and the Horseman. The Belogradchik Rocks are located in Vidin Municipality, about 60 km from Vidin. Belogradchik Town is 170 km away from Sofia when using the Hemus Highway. If you decide to visit the rocks, the best option is to find an accommodation in the town. Belogradchik offers many guest houses, as well as hotels with a variety of facilities. In case you search for a solitude, the nearby villages are an option – Izvos, Dabravka and Yanovets. The visit of the Belogradchik Rocks could be combined with a visit of one of the biggest caves in Bulgaria – Magurata. It is located almost 30 km away from the town.

List of hotels and accommodations close to Belogradchik Rocks, Bulgaria. Distances are approximate and “as the crow flies”.List of hotels and accommodations
Castle CottageCastle Cottage   guest house
36, Tsolo Todorov Str., tel.: +359 898 623 727 (100 meters northeast of Belogradchik Rocks)
Guest House Zora
Guest House Zora   guest house
2, Haydut Velko Str., tel.: 359 888 713 539 (290 meters northeast of Belogradchik Rocks)
Guest House Geto
Guest House Geto   guest house
47, Treti mart Str., tel.: +359 888 782892, +359 878 781674 (320 meters north of Belogradchik Rocks)
Guest House Drakite
Guest House Drakite   guest house
37, Treti Mart Str., tel.: +359 936 53930 (320 meters north of Belogradchik Rocks)
Ego House
Ego House   guest house
14, Treti Mart Str., tel.: +359 899 171 710 (370 meters northeast of Belogradchik Rocks)
Hotel SkaliteHotel Skalite   Hotel 4 Stars
2, Vazrazhdane Sq., tel.: +359 94 691210 (1 km east of Belogradchik Rocks)
Viko Hostel
Viko Hostel   guest house
5, Tsar Ivan Sratsimir Str., tel.: +359 878 364306 (1 km east of Belogradchik Rocks)
Hotel & Restaurant Skalite
Hotel & Restaurant Skalite   Hotel 2 Stars
1, Hadji Dimitar Str., tel.: +359 898 733818, +359 936 54002 (1.1 km east of Belogradchik Rocks)
Guest House & Tavern Madona
Guest House & Tavern Madona   guest house
26, Hristo Botev Str., tel.: +359 898457198 (1.4 km east of Belogradchik Rocks)
Bedrock Guest House
Bedrock Guest House   guest house
13, Hadji Dimitar Str., тел.: +359 888 713539 (1.4 km east of Belogradchik Rocks)
Guest House & Villa Markashnica
Guest House & Villa Markashnica   guest house
tel.: +359 887 772 467 (2.4 km south of Belogradchik Rocks)
Guest House Relax
Guest House Relax   guest house
tel.: +359 878 781 672 (5.6 km west of Belogradchik Rocks)
Han Madona
Han Madona   Hotel 2 Stars
tel.: +359 93655646, +359 894 774 746 (8.7 km east of Belogradchik Rocks)