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BelintashBelintash, or Belantash as it is officially named, is a small rock plateau in the Rhodopes rising at more than 1220 meters above the sea level. Belintash is located about 30 kilometers south-eastern of Asenovgrad and very close to Vrata Village. The length of the rock platform on the top is around 300 meters and there are many openings, furrows and steps. Some researchers suggest that the platform represents an astronomical chart. The traces of human activities in the area has led to the assumption that Belintash used to be a sanctuary of the Thracian god Sabazios. His name is translated as a "white rock" where the origin of the name Belintash comes from. Although Belintash is not as popular as Perperikon or Tatul, it is a fascinating place with a lot of history. Visitors can observe the beautiful panoramic view from the top to the heights of the mountain around. Belintash could be visited and examined for a single day but the region also offers few options for accommodation. There are several guest houses which are built and furnished according to the traditional style of the Rhodopes. Guests may want to try food specialties typical for the region.

List of hotels and accommodations close to Belintash, Bulgaria. Distances are approximate and “as the crow flies”.List of hotels and accommodations
Rhodopes LegendsRhodopes Legends   guest house
village Vrata (1.6 km west of Belintash)
Number of rooms: 20