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Agushevi KonatsiAgushevi konatsi is located in the Rhodopes village Mogilitsa, around 25 km south-western of Smolyan. The historic complex of buildings is the biggest feudal castle from the late Medieval period on the Bolkan Penninsula. It was built in the course of 20 years (from 1820 to 1840) by three craftsmen for the Turkish feudal lord Agush Aga and his three sons. The castle has more than 200 windows, 86 doors and 24 chimneys. The whole complex has 3 interconnected yards with farming and residential buildings. The yards are isolated from one another with inner walls. Every yard used to have a well, a main house, premises for the servants and the farm workers, a cattle-shed, a granary and other farm premises. In 1964 Agushevi konatsi is declared as an artistic monument with a national importance. Nowadays, the complex is a private property and is not open to the public. However, every visitor can enjoy it from the outside. In the close proximity, tourists could find several hotels and guest houses which offer self-contained rooms and apartments. They are located in the villages Arda and Bilyanska, as well as many accommodation options in Smolyan.

List of hotels and accommodations close to Agushevi Konatsi, Bulgaria. Distances are approximate and “as the crow flies”.List of hotels and accommodations
Hotel My Father’s House
Hotel My Father’s House   Hotel 2 Stars
tel.: +359 889 219 262 (770 meters southwest of Agushevi Konatsi)
Guest Houses Argirovi
Guest Houses Argirovi   guest house
tel.: +359889651232, +359879998668, +359886557666 (3.3 km south of Agushevi Konatsi)
Guest House KaraIvan
Guest House KaraIvan   guest house
tel.: +359 889 413 853, +359 889 711 502 (3.5 km south of Agushevi Konatsi)
Jolly House
Jolly House   guest house
tel.: +359 878 537 337 (3.5 km south of Agushevi Konatsi)
Bilyanska House
Bilyanska House   guest house
tel.: +359 887 638 974, +359 878 411 022 (4.9 km south of Agushevi Konatsi)