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LovechLovech is one of the municipal cities in Bulgaria with a population of around 35,000 people. It is located in the northern part of Central Bulgaria, 150 km away from Sofia. Osam River flows through the city making turns around the three hills of Lovech. The city is one of the oldest ones in Bulgaria with evidences found in cave paintings, fortresses and Tracian tombs in the area. Lovech played an important role during the Bulgarian National Revival (18th and 19th centuries) and the liberation of the country from the Ottoman rule. One of the most famous places in Lovech is the Covered bridge connecting the old and new parts of the city. It was almost thoroughly destroyed twice since its construction in the end of the 19th century. Today it features 14 shops and is the symbol of Lovech. Varosha Quarter is the old part of Lovech and is declared an architectural-historical reserve. Visitors can see old schools, museums, birth houses of famous Bulgarians from the near past, monuments, as well as the Lovech Zoo. Lovech is a tourist destination in all seasons, preferably in spring and winter. Many Bulgarians and foreigners choose the cosy 2-star and 3-star hotels in the centre of Lovech or in the quiet surrounding areas. The accommodations around the city park of Stratesh and the old Varosha Quarter are also preferred by the tourists. Many people would love to stay in one of the old but restored guest houses where modern facilities and the Revival's architecture meet. A big 4-star hotel is located in the heart of Lovech and offers luxury rooms and apartments, restaurant, cafes, sports hall and all the required facilities for conferences and business meetings. Walk around the Covered Bridge and visit one of the romantic cafes, restaurants and taverns or the many souvenir and crafts stores. Even though Lovech offers a lot of things to do and explore, don't ignore the tourist attractions close to the city - the Krushuna waterfalls, Vidimsko Praskalo and Kademliysko Praskalo waterfalls, the Devetashka karst cave, Saeva Dupka cave and many more.


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The Tinkov Guesthouse, Lovech
The Tinkov Guesthouse   guest house
8, Daskal Nikola Str., tel.: +359 899 812747, Lovech

Family Hotel Oasis, Lovech
Family Hotel Oasis   Hotel 3 Stars
17, Ivan Drasov Str., tel.: +359 68 600612, Lovech

The hotel is located on the bank of Osam River and very close to the famous Covered Bridge in Lovech. Hotel Oasis offers single, double and triple rooms, small studio apartments and a luxury one. Guests could try the cuisine in the tavern.

Guest House The Old Lovech, LovechGuest House The Old Lovech   guest house
2 Felix Kanitz Str, Lovech, 5503
Number of rooms: 4

Family Hotel Varosha 2003, LovechFamily Hotel Varosha 2003   Hotel 3 Stars
23 Ivan Drasov Str., Lovech, 5500
Number of rooms: 5

Oazis Family Hotel, LovechOazis Family Hotel   Hotel 3 Stars
17 Ivan Drasov Str, Lovech, 5500
Number of rooms: 5

Апартамент Барок, LovechАпартамент Барок   apartments
улица Търговска №15 Апартамент № 2, етаж 2, Lovech, 5500
Number of rooms: 1

Hotel Presidivm Palace, LovechHotel Presidivm Palace   Hotel 4 Stars
bul. "Bulgaria" 20, Lovech, 5500
Number of rooms: 4

Old City Square Apartment, LovechOld City Square Apartment   apartments
Todor Kirkov Square 1, Floor 1, apartment 1 Complex "Drakata", Lovech, 5500
Number of rooms: 1

Апартамент Барок 2, LovechАпартамент Барок 2   apartments
15 ulitsa "Targovska", Lovech, 5500
Number of rooms: 1

Park Hotel Stratesh, LovechPark Hotel Stratesh   Hotel 3 Stars
Park Stratesh, Lovech, 5500
Number of rooms: 6

Апартамент, LovechАпартамент   apartments
площад „Тодор Кирков“, Lovech, 5500
Number of rooms: 1

Покрит Мост, LovechПокрит Мост   Hotel 3 Stars
площад „Тодор Кирков“ №1, Lovech, 5503
Number of rooms: 1

Hotel Liani, LovechHotel Liani   Hotel 3 Stars
1 Vasil Levski Str., Lovech, 5500
Number of rooms: 7

The Tinkov house in Lovech, LovechThe Tinkov house in Lovech   guest house
8 Daskal Nikola str., Lovech, 5503
Number of rooms: 3