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KoprivshtitsaThere is hardly a Bulgarian who does not know Koprivshtitsa town and what is its importance in the Bulgarian history. Located in Sofia district and near the towns of Panagyurishte, Pirdop and Klisura, Koprivshtitsa is visited throughout the year by tens of thousands tourists from Bulgaria and abroad. The town has preserved the spirit of the Bulgarian national revival and now it belongs to the list with 100 Tourist Sites of Bulgaria. Koprivshtitsa's guests may fully be absorbed by the atmosphere of the past centuries and this could be seen in the accommodations of the museum town. Presumably, guest houses dominate. They offer spacious verandas, green back yards with flowers and fountains, solid stone walls and fruit-trees. Most of the houses are restored and now offer modern facilities that could satisfy the preferences of the contemporary tourist - separate bathroom in each room/apartment, cable TV, mini bar and very often fully equipped kitchen with dining room. Guests may also use kitchens that are designed as Bulgarian taverns and add to the charm of the buildings. The accommodations on the banks of river Topolnitsa are often preferable when choosing to stay in Koprivshtitsa. The small historic town is definitely not suitable for people that look for luxury hotels or entertainment. You can only enjoy silence, peace and the beauty of nature, as well understand more about the Bulgarian history. Tourists may notice old fountains, monuments of known or unknown Bulgarian historic figure, churches or museums on every corner. Many popular Bulgarian names were born in Koprivshtitsa - the poet Dimcho Debelyanov, the poet and journalist Lyuben Karavelov, the revolutionists Todor Kableshkov and Georgi Benkovski, and many others. Apart from the fascinating town, tourists may also choose from numerous forest paths, herbs picking, forest fruits gathering or fishing. The regions is also rich in animal species.


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Complex Galeria, Koprivshtitsa
Complex Galeria   Hotel 3 Stars
24th March Str., tel.: +359 888 577 257, Koprivshtitsa

Guest House Zlatniyat Telets, KoprivshtitsaGuest House Zlatniyat Telets   guest house
Ul. Hadzhi Gencho 1, Koprivshtitsa, 2077
Number of rooms: 7

Астра къща за гости, KoprivshtitsaАстра къща за гости   guest house
11 улица Хаджи Ненчо Палавеев, Koprivshtitsa, 2077
Number of rooms: 5

Янко Кехая, KoprivshtitsaЯнко Кехая   guest house
ул. "Салчо Василев", Koprivshtitsa, 2077
Number of rooms: 1

Chuchura Family Hotel, KoprivshtitsaChuchura Family Hotel   Hotel 2 Stars
66 Hadji Nencho Palaveev, Koprivshtitsa, 2077
Number of rooms: 5

Park Hotel Eagle Stone, KoprivshtitsaPark Hotel Eagle Stone   Hotel 3 Stars
mestnost Novo Livade, Koprivshtitsa, 2077
Number of rooms: 14

Gozbarov’s Guest House, KoprivshtitsaGozbarov’s Guest House   guest house
9 Ivan Borata Str, Koprivshtitsa, 2077
Number of rooms: 11

Недкова къща, KoprivshtitsaНедкова къща   guest house
22 Векилова, Koprivshtitsa, 2077
Number of rooms: 12

The Gates Apartments, KoprivshtitsaThe Gates Apartments   apartments
Ул. Нешо Шабанов № 4, Koprivshtitsa, 7022
Number of rooms: 2

Villa Lyutovi Holiday Home, KoprivshtitsaVilla Lyutovi Holiday Home   guest house
Tumangelova Cheta 20 street, Koprivshtitsa, 2077
Number of rooms: 1

Guest House Mavrudieva, KoprivshtitsaGuest House Mavrudieva   guest house
3 Zdravec Str, Koprivshtitsa, 2077
Number of rooms: 5

Guest House Tsenovi, KoprivshtitsaGuest House Tsenovi   guest house
1 St. Salcho Vasilev street, Koprivshtitsa, 2077
Number of rooms: 11

Стаи за гости Бащино огнище, KoprivshtitsaСтаи за гости Бащино огнище   guest house
2 улица Тороманова, Koprivshtitsa, 2077
Number of rooms: 2

Къща за гости Феникс, KoprivshtitsaКъща за гости Феникс   guest house
Улица "Михаил Маджаров" 18, Koprivshtitsa, 2077
Number of rooms: 4

Стаи за гости Дора, KoprivshtitsaСтаи за гости Дора   guest house
14 Векилова, Koprivshtitsa, 2077
Number of rooms: 6

Guest House Roden Dom, KoprivshtitsaGuest House Roden Dom   guest house
17 Ivan Borata Str., Koprivshtitsa, 2090
Number of rooms: 4

Тороманова къща, KoprivshtitsaТороманова къща   guest house
58 улица Георги Бенковски, Koprivshtitsa, 2077
Number of rooms: 3

Хотел Дончо Войвода, KoprivshtitsaХотел Дончо Войвода   guest house
Ул.Първа пушка 45 Копривщица, Koprivshtitsa, 2077
Number of rooms: 6

Yurukovata kashta, KoprivshtitsaYurukovata kashta   guest house
10 Georgi Benkovski street , Koprivshtitsa, 2077
Number of rooms: 8

Red House, KoprivshtitsaRed House   guest house
Ул. П. Кълев №5, Koprivshtitsa, 2077
Number of rooms: 6

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