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ChepelareChepelare Municipality is located in the Central Rhodopes with an average altitude of 1150 metres. The town has a population of around 5,800 people and is considered as one of the sunniest places in Bulgaria. Due to the temperate continental climate and the relatively high altitude, the snow blanket lasts more than 100 days and this has led to the rapid development of the ski and mountain tourism in the region. Today Chepelare is visited mainly during the winter when tourists spend their holidays on the ski slopes near the town. The residents themselves have turned the winter sports into a life philosophy. There are eight sports clubs in Chepelare that actively work for the development of different disciplines in the area. Chepelare fascinates with its short, steep streets and pleasant houses. Many of the buildings are cozy family hotels today and offer few rooms but keep their guests with personal attitude and cordiality. In the recent years, it is noticeable that new 3-star and 4-star hotels appear which can accommodate many guests. Those hotels have modern facilities like digital TV, Internet connection, conference rooms, fitness and massages, restaurants and bars. Tourists usually take advantage of the organized transfers to the ski slopes of Chepelare and back. The location of the bigger hotels varies. Like in other small tourist destinations in Bulgaria, Chepelare also offers lodging in private homes which is especially convenient for tourists with lower budget. Despite the small size of the resort, Chepelare welcomes people that look for luxury accommodations. There are 4-star hotels where the ski vacation could be combined with and exquisite room or apartment, indoor swimming pools, SPA relaxation and dinner in an elegant restaurant. There not many historical facts about Chepelare's past and the literary sources contradict themselves. But there are many sites that tourists may visit. The town have lots of architectural, archeological and artistic records, including necropolis, ancient settlements, churches and museum-houses. Although Chepelare is only 20 kilometres away from the district centre Smolyan, you'd better reach the town from Plovdiv and Asenovgrad. The road follows Chaya River and winds among beautiful forests and rocky lands.


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Hotel Yola
Hotel Yola   Hotel 3 Stars
2, Murdjovska Str., tel.: +359 3051 2146, Chepelare (Район: close to the centre of Chepelare)
Guest House Rhodope Nook
Guest House Rhodope Nook   guest house
1, Irlandia Str., tel.: +359 879 881 900, Chepelare (Район: 2 km from ski center Mechi Chal)
Hotel Borika
Hotel Borika   Hotel 4 Stars
53, V. Gadjurov Str., Chepelare (Район: 1 km from the ski slopes)
Saint George Hotel
Saint George Hotel   Hotel 3 Stars
6, Belomorska Str., tel.: +359 897 234961, +359 888 902152, Chepelare (Район: in the centre of Chepelare)
Hotel Rhodopi Home
Hotel Rhodopi Home   Hotel 4 Stars
13-15, Perelik Str., tel.: +359 3051 3525, Chepelare (Район: in the centre of Chepelare)
Village Resort Rhodope Houses
Village Resort Rhodope Houses   Hotel 3 Starscomplex
tel.: +359 886 999340, +359 885 070482, Chepelare (Район: close to Mechi Chal ski lift station)
Family Hotel KarovFamily Hotel Karov   Hotel 2 Stars
23, Dicho Petrov Str., tel.: +359 3051 3674, Chepelare (Район: close to Chepelare)
Hotel AgartaHotel Agarta   Hotel 3 Stars
2, Bor Str., tel.: +359 3051 4408, Chepelare (Район: opposite to Vassil Dechev Secondary School)
Hotel ShokyHotel Shoky   Hotel 3 Stars
70, 24th May Str., tel.: +359 887 444 004, Chepelare (Район: in the western part of Chepelare)
Hotel & Restaurant SavovHotel & Restaurant Savov   Hotel 2 Stars
7, Vasil Dechev Str., tel.: +359 888 687 975, Chepelare (Район: very close to the centre of Chepelare)
Hotel MartinHotel Martin   Hotel 3 Stars
23, Kiril Madjarov Str., tel.: + 359 3051 2194, Chepelare (Район: in the outskirts of Chepelare)
Hotel Meteor
Hotel Meteor   Hotel 3 Stars
53, Vasil Delchev Str., tel.: +359 887 566 600, +359 3051 2102, Chepelare (Район: in the centre of Chepelare)
Family Hotel Ivan
Family Hotel Ivan   Hotel 3 Stars
6, Progres Str., tel.: +359 3051 3113, Chepelare (Район: 300 m from the centre of Chepelare)
Hotel Chepelare
Hotel Chepelare   Hotel 1 Star
4A, Dicho Petrov Str., tel.: +359 878 484867, Chepelare (Район: in the town centre)
Rest House PalyongoviRest House Palyongovi   guest house
9, Prof. Mincho Marinov Str., tel.: +359 3051 3330, Chepelare (Район: minutes away from the town centre)
Tomovi HouseTomovi House   guest house
2, Edelvais Str., tel.: +359 889 389 983, Chepelare (Район: Central Rhodopes)
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