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BorovetsBorovets is the oldest mountain resort in Bulgaria and has maintained its position as one of the preferable places for a ski holiday in the country. Its closeness to Sofia – only 70 kilometers away – makes the resort incredibly convenient for short-term vacations. The predominant part of the accommodations is presented by large hotels which have a greater number of rooms and offer conditions for bigger groups of tourists. Some of the hotels like “Rila” and “Samokov” have long traditions in serving not only Bulgarian tourists but guests from all over the world. The gradual expansion of the resort in terms of new hotels and complexes has led to a modernization of the older accommodation base. Today almost all small and large hotels have modern furniture and equipment. The hotels in Borovets offer an incomparable combination of ski and mountain tourism accompanied by pleasures like SPA and dancing clubs. The number of luxurious 4-star hotels and aparthotels is constantly rising in order to satisfy even the most pretentious taste of Bulgarian and foreign guests. Indoor swimming pools, exquisite restaurants, impressive disco clubs and up-to-date business halls are just a small part of the facilities you can find in the hotels in Borovets. Among all accommodations that deserve mentioning are the 5-star places “Villa Stresov” and Hotel “Yastrebets”. The latter has a unique Alpine village. The location of the hotels in Borovets is usually very close to the ski slopes or to the primary ski lift station in the resort. The cabin lift leads to the slopes of Markudjik. The tourists are also delighted by the modern ski machines and equipment of the resort which can rival the ones in the most popular ski destinations in the world. In the summer, Borovets attracts tourists due to the enchanting nature of the Rila Mountain. Undoubtedly, many of them visit the Tsarska Bistritsa residence.


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Hotel Royal, BorovetsHotel Royal   Hotel 3 Stars
tel.: +359 750 32002, +359 876 550 087, Borovets

Apart Hotel Flora Residence Daisy, BorovetsApart Hotel Flora Residence Daisy   apart-hotel
Borovets, Main Street, Borovets, 2010
Number of rooms: 26

ski chalet Carmel, Rila mountain, near Borovets, Borovetsski chalet Carmel, Rila mountain, near Borovets   guest house
ski chalet Carmel, Madjare, Samokov- Borovets, Borovets, 2022
Number of rooms: 4

Borovets Holiday Homes, BorovetsBorovets Holiday Homes   apartments
к.к. Боровец, община Самоков, област Софийска Апарт Хотел "Боровец Гардънс", Borovets
Number of rooms: 1

Apart Hotel Flora Residence - Clover Building, BorovetsApart Hotel Flora Residence - Clover Building   apartments
Borovets, Main Street, Borovets Ski Area, Borovets, 2010 Bulgaria, Borovets, 2010
Number of rooms: 1

Forest Star Hotel, BorovetsForest Star Hotel   Hotel 2 Stars
102 Borovets, Borovets, 2010
Number of rooms: 20

Хотел Флора private studio All seasons, BorovetsХотел Флора private studio All seasons   apartments
К.к Боровец Хотел Флора, Borovets, 2010
Number of rooms: 1

Iglika 2 - Studio Cabin, BorovetsIglika 2 - Studio Cabin   apartments
Iglika Complex Block A Apartment 10A, Borovets, 2010
Number of rooms: 1

Festa Winter Palace Hotel, BorovetsFesta Winter Palace Hotel   Hotel 5 Stars
Borovets, Borovets, 2010
Number of rooms: 67

Studio D-55 in Borovets Gardens hotel, BorovetsStudio D-55 in Borovets Gardens hotel   apartments
хотел "Боровец Гардънс" Сграда D, ет. 5, апартамент D-55, Borovets, 2010
Number of rooms: 1

Borovets Green Hotel, BorovetsBorovets Green Hotel   Hotel 4 Stars
Borovets, Borovets, 2010
Number of rooms: 90

хотел Вила Парк студио 305, Боровец Вила Парк ет.3, студио 305, Borovets, 2100
Number of rooms: 1

Villa Kokiche, BorovetsVilla Kokiche   Hotel 2 Stars
Borovets, Borovets, 2010
Number of rooms: 8

Pinewood ANG Apartment, Semiramida Borovets Hills, BorovetsPinewood ANG Apartment, Semiramida Borovets Hills   apartments
Апартхотел "Семирамида" в к.к Боровец блок А, етаж 2, Borovets, 2010
Number of rooms: 1

Flora Apartment 613, BorovetsFlora Apartment 613   apartments
ulitsa "Borovets", Borovets, 7219
Number of rooms: 1

Ice Angels Hotel, BorovetsIce Angels Hotel   Hotel 4 Stars
Borovets, Borovets, 2010
Number of rooms: 36

Studio Iceberg Borovets Студио с кухня, BorovetsStudio Iceberg Borovets Студио с кухня   apartments
Хотел Айсберг, Borovets, 2010
Number of rooms: 1

Radina’s Way Hotel, BorovetsRadina’s Way Hotel   Hotel 4 Stars
Borovets, Borovets, 2626
Number of rooms: 56

Yanakiev Club Hotel, BorovetsYanakiev Club Hotel   Hotel 4 Stars
Borovets, Borovets, 2010
Number of rooms: 38

Studios -Villa Park SV, BorovetsStudios -Villa Park SV   apartments
82 Samokov Villa Park Hotel, Borovets, 2010
Number of rooms: 1

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