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ArbanassiArbanassi is located only 4 kilometers away from the old capital of Bulgaria – the city of Veliko Tarnovo, and offers a unique opportunity for an unforgettable holiday in a small mountain village near the big city. The guests of Arbanassi, which belongs to the 100 Tourist Sites of Bulgaria, will remain enchanted not only by the beautiful nature, the valuable architectural reserve and the ancient atmosphere that reigns, but also by the charming, welcoming hotels and guest houses, which accommodate tourists from Bulgaria and abroad throughout the year. Most of the places to stay in Arbanassi are restored old houses that nowadays are turned to comfortable 3-star hotels or cozy guest houses hidden behind tall stone walls or inviting tourists right from the doorsteps on the cobblestone roads. The hotels and houses in Arbanassi offer a limited number of rooms and apartments which contributes to a peaceful and intimate atmosphere. Tourists can have the pleasure to enjoy some of the delicious specialties from the Bulgarian cuisine in Arbanassi’s taverns that can be found in almost every hotel. Although accommodations in Arbanassi are usually characterized with 3-star category, the village offers conditions for a luxury holiday in hotels like the famous residence of the former Bulgarian dictator Todor Jivkov or the 4-star Winepallace and Park Hotel Arbanassi. There are many opportunities for relaxation and sports in and around the village – a pleasant stroll along the eco-trails, visits to the museums and churches, a peaceful afternoon around a swimming pools, bike rental and cycling around or riding a horse. But whatever you decide to do and however you want to spend your holiday, you can be sure that hospitality and qualitative services in Arbanassi are a tradition from centuries.


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Guest House Geranium Arbanasi, ArbanassiGuest House Geranium Arbanasi   guest house
4 Sofronii Vrachanski Street, Arbanassi, 6280
Number of rooms: 1

Family Hotel Arbanashka Sreshta, ArbanassiFamily Hotel Arbanashka Sreshta   Hotel 3 Stars
48 Sofroniy Vrachanski str., Arbanassi, 5900
Number of rooms: 11

Complex Bolyarsko selo & Spa, ArbanassiComplex Bolyarsko selo & Spa   complex
12 Panoramna Str, Arbanassi, 5000
Number of rooms: 22

Holiday Home Arbanasi, ArbanassiHoliday Home Arbanasi   guest house
16 Sveta Bogoroditsa Str., Arbanassi, 5029
Number of rooms: 1

Fenix Rooms, ArbanassiFenix Rooms   guest house
ohrid 3, Arbanassi, 5029
Number of rooms: 4

Arbat Guest Rooms, ArbanassiArbat Guest Rooms   guest house
ulitsa Kapitan Pavel Gramadov 1, Arbanassi, 5029
Number of rooms: 2

Arbanasi DELUXE Villa, ArbanassiArbanasi DELUXE Villa   guest house
6 Sofroniy Vrachanski Street, Arbanassi, 5029
Number of rooms: 14

Guest Rooms Cheshmata, ArbanassiGuest Rooms Cheshmata   guest house
2 Captain Pavel Gramadov Str, Arbanassi, 5029
Number of rooms: 5

Guest House Diabora, ArbanassiGuest House Diabora   guest house
6 Marko Mariotti str., Arbanassi, 5029
Number of rooms: 7

Villa Arbanashki Han, ArbanassiVilla Arbanashki Han   Hotel 3 Stars
1 Velda Babekova Str, Arbanassi, 5029
Number of rooms: 13

Arbanashki Han Hotelcomplex, ArbanassiArbanashki Han Hotelcomplex   Hotel 4 Stars
8 - 10 Georgi Kandilarov Str, Arbanassi, 5029
Number of rooms: 2

Park Hotel Arbanassi, ArbanassiPark Hotel Arbanassi   Hotel 4 Stars
Kapitanska 7, Arbanassi, 5029
Number of rooms: 26

Hotel Izvora 2, ArbanassiHotel Izvora 2   Hotel 3 Stars
1 Konstantin Rusevich str., Arbanassi, 5029
Number of rooms: 10

Hotel Izvora, ArbanassiHotel Izvora   Hotel 1 Star
3 Opalchenska Str., Arbanassi, 5029
Number of rooms: 18

Sevastokrator Hotel & SPA, ArbanassiSevastokrator Hotel & SPA   Hotel 3 Stars
13 "Sveti Nikola" str., Arbanassi, 5029
Number of rooms: 10

Guest House Astra, ArbanassiGuest House Astra   guest house
12 Ilinden str., Arbanassi, 5029
Number of rooms: 6

Vanda Guest House, ArbanassiVanda Guest House   guest house
6 Bratya Chamurovi Str, Arbanassi, 5029
Number of rooms: 7

Болярска Къща, ArbanassiБолярска Къща   Hotel 1 Star
Opalchenska Str. 6, Arbanassi, 5029
Number of rooms: 8

Престиж, ArbanassiПрестиж   guest house
20 улица „Опълченска“, Arbanassi, 5029
Number of rooms: 10

Angliiska Vila, ArbanassiAngliiska Vila   guest house
8 Georgi Boletsata Arbanasi, Arbanassi
Number of rooms: 1

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