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AlbenaAlbena is one of the oldest resorts at the Northern Black Sea. It is located in Dobrich Municipality and 30 km to the north of Varna which makes the resort easily approachable. The town of Balchik is only 8 km away. Albena exists as a seaside resort from 1969 and remains a preferable summer destination for both Bulgarians and foreigners. The blue flag beach is the pride of Albena, having a blue-flag . It is almost 5 km long and up to 150 m wide, which makes it very suitable for families with small children and people looking for a peaceful vacation. The sea water is clean and shallow, offering opportunities for various water sports for children and adults. Albena is the heaven for huge resort complexes that offer an all-inclusive accommodation and a tradition in hotel services. Most of the hotels are 4-star and offer rooms and apartments with various modern facilities. They are comfortable enough for both young couples and families. The lush greenery of Albena and the great beach line make the view from your balcony magnificent. Despite the minutes-away beach, many hotels in Albena have their own swimming pools (both indoor and outdoor) with safety facilities for children. There are numerous attractions for the youngest in Albena - nurseries, summer schools, playgrounds, projections, etc. If you prefer to be minutes away from the beach, you can choose the first-line hotels of Albena. Guests who desire tranquil and intimate vacation may choose the hotels and villas in the upper side of Albena. The resort borders Baltata Nature Reserve where people can enjoy the variety of plant species. The villa zone of Albena also offers accommodations - mainly low-budget family hotels. There are also many options for sports and leisure - tennis, football, horse riding, field hockey, golf, etc.


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Hotel Ralitsa SuperiorHotel Ralitsa Superior   Hotel 4 Stars
tel.: +359 579 62230, Albena (Район: 800 m from the beach)
Hotel Sandy BeachHotel Sandy Beach   Hotel 3 Stars
central Albena, Albena (Район: close to the beach)
Hotel GerganaHotel Gergana   Hotel 4 Stars
tel.: +359 579 62910, Albena (Район: next to Baltata Reserve)
Hotel MalibuHotel Malibu   Hotel 4 Stars
tel.: +359 579 62279, +359 579 62240, Albena (Район: in the central part of Albena)
Guest House Snejanka
Guest House Snejanka   guest house
7, Zlatna Ribka Str., tel.: +359 52 612894, +359 888 458 414, Albena (Район: 3 km from the centre of Albena)
Hotel MuraHotel Mura   Hotel 3 Stars
tel.: +359 579 62802, Albena (Район: in a close proximity to the beach)
Vila StancheviVila Stanchevi   guest house
2, 11th Str., Albena (Район: Fish-fish villa zone)
Hotel .COMHotel .COM   Hotel 3 Stars
tel.: + 359 579 62325, Albena (Район: 950 m from the beach)
Hotel Kaliopa
Hotel Kaliopa   Hotel 3 Stars
tel.: +359 579 62912, Albena (Район: on the beach)
Hotel SlavunaHotel Slavuna   Hotel 3 Stars
tel.: +359 579 62804, Albena (Район: on the beach)
Hotel AltheaHotel Althea   Hotel 3 Stars
tel.: +359 579 62326, Albena (Район: 800 m from the beach)
Hotel MagnoliaHotel Magnolia   Hotel 3 Stars
tel.: +359 579 62948, Albena (Район: 800 m from the sea shore )
Hotel PanoramaHotel Panorama   Hotel 3 Stars
tel.: +359 579 62398, Albena (Район: 600 m from the beach)
Hotel AmeliaHotel Amelia   Hotel 3 Stars
tel.: +359 579 62942, Albena (Район: 100 m from the beach)
Hotel KompasHotel Kompas   Hotel 3 Stars
tel.: +359 888 883906, +359 896 750985, Albena (Район: 650 m from the beach)
Hotel DobrudjaHotel Dobrudja   Hotel 3 Stars
tel.: +359 579 620 20, Albena (Район: In the centre of Albena)
Hotel OazisHotel Oazis   Hotel 3 Stars
tel.: + 359 579 62989, Albena (Район: in the centre of Albena)
Hotel BorianaHotel Boriana   Hotel 3 Stars
tel.: + 359 579 62839, +359 579 62712, Albena (Район: close to Nature Reserve Baltata)
Hotel Vita ParkHotel Vita Park   Hotel 3 Stars
tel.: + 359 579 62282, Albena (Район: in the southwestern part of Albena)
Hotel DorostorHotel Dorostor   Hotel 2 Stars
tel.: +359 579 62935, Albena (Район: on the sea shore)
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