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BourgasBourgas is not only a municipality centre but a popular seaside destination as well. The southern location advantages the mild climate and the longer duration of the summer season which has turned the city and the nearby resorts into a preferable place among Bulgarian and foreign tourists. The accommodation types are defined by the purpose of the visit – summer vacation, cultural tourism or business deeds. In the city centre and the prestigious quarters like Lazur you can find boutique hotels and more luxurious places to stay. Like other big cities at the Bulgarian seaside, Bourgas offers many independent apartments for rent suitable for families, small business groups or couples counting on independence and privacy. If you would like to be close to the big city and at the same time to be surrounded by tranquility and close to a pure beach, the quarters Sarafovo and Kraimorie offer comfortable family hotels and guest houses in proximity to many shops, restaurants and bars, as well as with convenient transport connections to the centre of Bourgas. To the north and to the south of Bourgas are the beautiful towns of Nessebar and Sozopol which attract tourists from all over the world and fascinate them with the atmosphere of the old towns. Bourgas International Airport is extremely busy during the summer season and facilitates the faster development of the tourism in Bulgaria. There are also comfortable hotels for the business oriented visitors of the town that provide luxury equipped conference rooms, rent offices and transport services. Bourgas has a beautiful Sea garden, many galleries, Orthodox churches and hosts festivals and cultural events.


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Hotel Milano
Hotel Milano   Hotel 3 Stars
Dimitar Dimov Blvd., tel.: +359 877 370 209, +359 877 370 216, Bourgas (Район: Zornitsa Quarter, block 80)
Hotel Bulgaria
Hotel Bulgaria   Hotel 4 Stars
21, Alexandrovska Str., tel.: +359 56 842820, Bourgas (Район: close to the Central railway station)
Grand Hotel & SPA PrimoretzGrand Hotel & SPA Primoretz   Hotel 5 Stars
2, Alexander Batenberg Str., tel.: +359 56 812345, Bourgas (Район: close to the central railway station)
Hotel Mirage
Hotel Mirage   Hotel 4 Stars
93, P. R. Slaveykov District, tel.: +359 56 880888, Bourgas (Район: 1 km from the city centre)
White Rose Rooms and Apartments
White Rose Rooms and Apartments   apartments
42, Batak Str., tel.: +359 56 810850, +359 878 103638, Bourgas (Район: Lazur District)
Hotel Burgas
Hotel Burgas   Hotel 4 Stars
5, Han Krum Str., tel.: +359 56 816666, Bourgas (Район: City centre, close to the Central railway station)
Hotel Chiplakoff
Hotel Chiplakoff   Hotel 3 Stars
88, Ferdinandova Str., tel.: +359 56 829325, Bourgas (Район: City centre)
Hotel Drama
Hotel Drama   Hotel 3 Stars
10, Drama Str., tel.: +359 56 801617, Bourgas (Район: Bratya Miladinovi District)
Hotel Atagen
Hotel Atagen   Hotel 3 Stars
129, San Stefano Str., tel.: +359 56 812218, Bourgas (Район: City centre)
Hotel GRAN VIA   Hotel 3 Stars
54, Demokratsia Blvd., tel.: +359 56 821 919, +359 895 149 393, Bourgas (Район: at the entrance of the Sea Garden)
Hotel Opera
Hotel Opera   Hotel 3 Stars
36, Lyuben Karavelov Str., tel.: +359 56 531000, +359 56 537 000, Bourgas (Район: City centre)
Hotel Aqua
Hotel Aqua   Hotel 3 Stars
Demokratsia Blvd., tel.: +359 56 833535, Bourgas (Район: Lazur Quarter)
Hotel Prestige
Hotel Prestige   Hotel 3 Stars
41, Perushtitsa Str., tel.: +359 56 816567, +359 899 914387, Bourgas (Район: Lazur District)
Hotel Bulair
Hotel Bulair   Hotel 3 Stars
7, Bulair Str., tel.: +359 56 844389, +359 875 205655, Bourgas (Район: City centre)
Hotel CentralHotel Central   Hotel 3 Stars
60, Ivaylo Str., tel.: +359 56 836565, Bourgas (Район: in the centre of Bourgas)
Hotel Avenue
Hotel Avenue   Hotel 3 Stars
6, Transportna Str., tel.: +359 56 521015, Bourgas (Район: Izgrev District)
Family Hotel Fotinov
Family Hotel Fotinov   guest house
22, K. Fotinov Str., tel.: +359 878 974 703, Bourgas (Район: central Bourgas)
Holiday House Kraimorie
Holiday House Kraimorie   guest house
tel.: +359 56 844901, Bourgas (Район: Kraimorie Quarter)
Hotel Mirana
Hotel Mirana   Hotel 3 Stars
10, Bratsigovo Str., tel.: +359 885 034 245, Bourgas (Район: Sarafovo District)
Hotel Briz
Hotel Briz   Hotel 2 Stars
1, Cherno More Str., tel.: +359 888 804859, Bourgas (Район: Sarafovo District, 100 m from the beach)
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